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Android Auto: What Is It and Its Main 5 Benefits

Android Auto: What Is It and Its Main 5 Benefits

Next time you decide to buy a car, you will most likely have a choice to make. You will have to decide on whether to get Android’s Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay. You may make this decision based on what brand of cellphone you have, iPhone or Android. However, nowadays, many vehicle infotainment systems support both. But, if you are not familiar with this app, you may be wondering, “What is Android Auto?”. This Google app will forever change how you enjoy your rides. From its voice command to its screen features, Android Auto was designed to provide comfort and safety. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this fantastic tool and its sea of advantages.

What is Android Auto?

We all know that Android Auto is a broadcasting tool. But, what does this mean? This app allows you to control your phone via Bluetooth, USB, or AUX cable from your car’s stereo. Have you ever been driving and realized you forgot to set your destination on Google Maps? Or suddenly felt like putting on some music? Android Auto´s designers thought of everything so you can drive safely while also managing your apps efficiently.

How Does Android Auto Work?

Android Auto can either be used as a standalone experience on your phone or with a compatible infotainment system. Of course, using Android Auto with a compatible touchscreen car radio provides a complete experience. If you choose only to use your phone, you should start Android Auto when you get in your car. Afterward, place the phone on an easily accessible surface. The other option is to connect your phone to your vehicle via USB or Bluetooth. In this case, the radio display takes over.

How to Use Android Auto

First things first, make sure the vehicle is in the park. Please turn on the vehicle, and it all starts with the system´s menu. An app drawer will appear on your screen. It is very similar to the one on the phone itself. Next, a launch screen will come up. Now it is finally time to connect your Android phone via a USB cable or Bluetooth. On your phone, accept all the on-screen prompts and permissions. Once the Android Auto app is opened in your car’s display, you can start using voice commands! Select as many apps and functions as you want.

Benefits of Android Auto

Android phone help auto drive

The overall experience of driving a car isn’t dull anymore. It has become entertaining and convenient. The goal is for the users to enjoy the ride. Once your central infotainment unit is bound to your phone interface, there are several Android Auto benefits, including:

  • Hands-free calling:

This tool adds excellent safety to your ride. If your phone rings or you want to make a call, you can talk while focusing on the road. How does this work? When connected to the central unit, you can make or answer calls without touching your phone. You talk through the cabin mic and hear through the main speakers.

  • Maps and Navigation:

Once the phone is connected to the car, viewing Maps is a piece of cake. One advantage of this is that the cabin screen is much bigger than the one on your phone. For some people, having Maps on the car sounds too complex. But it is as easy as having it on your phone. You type the destination address and select the best route in the same way. Moreover, another great feature is the audio navigation. This will allow you to hear turn-by-turn directions through the main speakers.

  • Messages:

Trying to look at small mobile screens while driving leads to terrible accidents. With Android Auto, drivers can view their messages on the big screen of the cabin. Now we can read the messages, but how do we answer without taking our eyes off the road? With the speech-to-text function, you can automatically reply to all your messages without having to write.

  • Third-party app integration:

You can directly use several apps, such as Spotify, Gaana, and Amazon Music, without going through your phone. Now, it is much easier to listen to music or even podcasts while driving.

  • Voice-assistant:

Last but not least, we have Google Assistant for Android Auto. You can tell the assistant what you need through audio commands, and it will do it for you. If you can’t avoid multitasking, this is an efficient and safe way of getting tasks done.

How to Add Apps to Android Auto

Follow these easy steps and get your apps going. First, keep in mind that Android Auto is not compatible with all Google App Store apps. With the app opened, click on the left corner of the screen to see a button with three horizontal lines. Then, you should tap on the button that says Apps for Android Auto.

Automatically, all of the compatible Google Play Store apps with Android Auto will appear on your screen. The last step is to download the apps you want. Afterward, the synchronization of information from your apps and your vehicle’s infotainment system will be done automatically.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: How They Different

To make an informed choice, we bring you the main differences between CarPlay and Android Auto:

  • They have a different voice assistant. While CarPlay has Siri, which was groundbreaking when it launched, Android Auto works with Google Assistant. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay provide precise performance and technological edge.
  • Not all messaging apps work with CarPlay. While you can use many messaging apps with Android Auto, CarPlay only offers WhatsApp as an option.
  • Apple CarPlay only runs on a vehicle’s infotainment screen; whereas, Android Auto functions directly on a mobile phone. This comes in handy for vehicles that don’t have a screen or can’t run the software.
  • Your car and your broadcasting tool might not always work correctly together. When you update the operating system in your phone´s software, there could be problems connecting to your vehicle’s software. This isn’t very pleasant. In this aspect, there are significant differences between the options you have available. CarPlay is built into iOS. Therefore, you can only go back to another CarPlay version by installing an older iOS update. On the other hand, Android Auto has no relation to Android’s operating system. So, users can load a previous APK file and go back to the last working version.

Final Thoughts

Android Auto´s features will make any car seem like a high-tech toy. If you are frustrated with your car’s native infotainment system, you should try out Android Auto. Have you considered switching to Android? Though quite similar, CarPlay has some different features. Its voice command, third-party apps, and on-screen features make traveling by car a completely new experience.

Controlling your apps while driving is a pain in the neck, apart from being incredibly dangerous. Android Auto is as easy as giving your Google Assistant command, and it will multitask for you. From answering texts to putting on your favorite song, Google Assistant is there to help you out. Bossing around a machine has never been so comfortable and safe.

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