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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7: Everything We Need to Know

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7: Everything We Need to Know

With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, various entertainment shows had to be canceled. This included the Bachelor in Paradise 2020 edition, which didn’t air on schedule. However, this show is now expected to return on our screens. According to the producers, Bachelor in Paradise season 7 will return in summer 2021. The trip to Paradise is almost here, and we are definitely expecting things to be quite different this year.

A Brief on The Bachelor in Paradise Show

The Bachelor in Paradise is a spin-off of two American TV shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. One of the best TV shows typically features contestants who had previously featured on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. The contestants have to travel to Mexico, and the show will take place in a secluded paradise.  This is a reality competition show, but instead of one person (the bachelor or Bachelorette) leading the show, you need to find someone in the Bachelor in Paradise to keep you on the show from week to week. The TV Series has already aired 6 seasons since its first release in August 2014 with 39 episodes. The previous Bachelor in Paradise couples who won the show include:

  • Marcus Grodd/ Lacy Faddoul and Michelle Money/ Cody Sattler, who won season one
  • Jade Roper/Tanner Tolbert, Cassandra Ferguson/ Justin Reich, and Samantha Steffen/ Nick Peterson, who won season 2
  • Lace Morris/Grant Kemp, Josh Murray/Amanda Stanton, and Evan Bass/Carly Waddell, who won season 3
  • Derek Peth/Taylor Nolan and Raven Gates/Adam Gottschalk, who won season 4
  • Krystal Nielson/ Chris Randone and Jenna Cooper/Jordan Kimball, who won season 5
  • Chris Bukowski/ Katie Morton, Demi Burnett/Kristian Haggerty, and Dylan Barbour/Hannah Godwin, who won season 6

 Bachelor in Paradise is Expected to Return in 2021

The Bachelor 2021 is expected to finally air this year. Since 2019, the franchise took a break due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This made it difficult for the contestants to meet, and the producers couldn’t, therefore, film the shore. Rob Mills, ABC’s senior vice president, alternative series, specials, and late-night programming, told Variety that they are now figuring how to make the filming of the Paradise work.

 Is There a Bachelor in Paradise 2021 Trailer?

There is still no trailer. This is because the show hasn’t been filmed yet, so there is really nothing going on. According to ABC’s executive, everything about the show is day-to-day. And with most productions getting shut down in Los Angeles due to the coronavirus pandemic, then wouldn’t be possible to film the trailer. But the producers are still optimistic since the show has been scheduled for release later this year. With the massive rollout of vaccinations, the contestants can travel and shoot scenes for the trailer.

 Who Will Host Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 This Summer?

Chris Harrison was responsible for hosting the previous seasons of The Bachelor in Paradise. So, he still the ultimate choice when it comes to the host. However, Harrison won’t be featured so much, but it would still be good to see him welcoming the participants and handing out the dating cards.

Chris Harrison has also been the host for the Bachelorette. However, he will leave The Bachelor Franchise after his racist remarks. During an interview on “Extra,” Chris announced that he would temporarily leave the series. Therefore, he wouldn’t host the remaining episodes on The Bachelor’s franchise flagship show that stars Matt James, the first Black Bachelor.

 Who’s in the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Cast?

There hasn’t been any official information regarding who will be in the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. However, there have been many optimistic speculations, especially from the franchise’s fans. A lot of people think that the following contestants will make it to season 7 of The Bachelor in Paradise cast:

  • Kelsey Weier
  • Alayah Benavidez
  • Victoria Paul
  • Makenna Dorn
  • Sydney Hightower

These contestants have been a favorite among fans since they are dramatic and would, therefore, make the show livelier. When Will The Bachelor in Paradise 2021 Start Filming? According to Reality Steve, filming of the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 will start in June. This will be between Thurston and Michelle’s seasons of the Bachelorette. The Bachelor in Paradise takes about 6 weeks to air, and the filming process is estimated to last almost half of that time. So, it will be filmed in June and will take about 21 days.


 The Location Where Will’ Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021 Be Filmed?

This year, expect things to be quite different. The Bachelor in Paradise is usually in Sayulita’s Playa Escondida resort, located in Mexico. However, Rob Mills stated that the franchise isn’t particular, which will be the case this year. While we are sure that we will definitely be getting a show this year and it will air between Michelle’s and Katie’s seasons of The Bachelorette, the filming location is still unclear and hasn’t been decided yet.

 The Time When Will’ Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 Premiere?

When will the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Premiere? Speaking to Variety in January, ABC executive Rob Mills, and “we ate hell-bent on figuring out how we make Paradise work.” At this point, the producers were keen to make things work, but of course, there were safety concerns. This reality competition hasn’t aired for almost two years, but you can now fully prepare yourself for the season 7 edition because we know the exact date the show will premiere! The Bachelor in Paradise season 7 will premiere on August 2, 2021, on ABC at 8 PM EST.

According to Reality Steve, the latest edition of this show is expected to premiere in the late summer, right after Katie’s Bachelorette finale and before Michelle’s Bachelorette’s premiere.  It will air in between these two shows since the filming of Katie’s season started in March 2021, and it will also air in the summer. Meanwhile, Michelle’s season will start filming in summer and air during the fall season. If you are a fan of all these three reality shows, you should definitely prepare yourself for a marathon. This also means that some of the men from Katie’s season can be on the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

About Katie and Michelle

Katie Thornton and Michelle Young are two contestants who were in the Bachelor season 25 with Matt James. They were officially announced as the Bachelorette’s season 17 and season 18 during Matt’s “After the Final Rose” special that aired in March 2021.

Michelle was ABC’s first choice, according to Reality Steve. But because of her job as a teacher, the ABC network had to postpone the premiere of her Bachelorette show until later in 2021 so that she could have time away from her students. That’s why her season will be filmed in the summer when schools are out of session.

 Bachelor in Paradise: Is it true? Will Have Better Contestants Than Before

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 is expected to have better contestants than before. After the long two-year wait, it should definitely be fun. But will it live up to the viewers’ expectations? Does the latest racism scandal seem to have caused a significant hit to the Bachelor Nation? We expect it to be fun, but clearly, not everyone is now feeling the franchise. That’s why some of the hottest and popular Bachelor Nation starts are now declining spots in the Bachelor Paradise 2021

According to Mill, the producers have almost 150 potential people that they are looking at. It will be interesting since this number has to be trimmed down to 15-18 members. However, the producers are analyzing tweets from previous contestants to see who they have on the show. They are also looking at some of the contestants who went home earlier but were still great even though they didn’t have the time to shine on the show.

 Who Will Be on Bachelor in Paradise this Season?

The official cast of the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 has not been announced yet. However, ABC’s executive Robert Mills confirmed in January that a contestant from Clare’s and Tayshia’s season of the Bachelorette, Dr. Joe Park, will be one of the first members of the Bachelor Nation Season 7. Mills even retweeted Joe’s post about receiving the coronavirus vaccine and commented, “we’ve got ourselves a vaccinated Paradisian!! “. Joe is an anesthesiologist who reached the Bachelorette’s top 16 and was clearly a fan amongst viewers.

There have been lots of rumors on social media regarding who will feature on the Bachelor Nation 2021. For instance, a Reddit post in February 2020 indicated that Mykenna and Alayah were 99.9% confirmed to be on the show. These two were contestants from Peter’s The Bachelor season. Makenna is a fashion blogger who was cast as the “clingy contestant” and was sent home after reaching the top 8. Meanwhile, Alayah is the former Miss Texas and was actually a villain in Peter’s season. She ended up feuding with Vitoria, who was also a pageant queen. Alayah was eliminated in 16th place.

Some “sources” have told E! News that many alums from the previous Bachelorette and Bachelor seasons are “apprehensive” to be on the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. This is because there has been a racism scandal that involved the Bachelor’s show host, Chris Harrison, and Rachael Kirkconnel, a contestant from the bachelor’s season 25. The source stated in March 2021 that casting has definitely begun, and some members of the Bachelor National are still apprehensive about signing up. According to this source, some of the members are curious to know the direction season 7 will be taking and if they strictly focus on the contestants falling in love.

A second source also told E! News that several Bachelor Nation veterans have been asked to join the show. But according to this source, most people are declining due to the current state. It further states that many people don’t want to associate with the franchise and are, therefore, “removing” themselves. This insider added that ABC is still hoping to get contestants such as Becca Kufrin, Tia Booth, and Blake Horstmann to participate in season 7. This source also states that viewers shouldn’t expect most contestants to come from Matt’s The Bachelor Season since “producers aren’t considering most women from Matt’s season.”

A few other names have been thrown around, including Bennett Jordan and Ben Smith in the previous season of The Bachelorette. According to Mills, he could see that Smith could have a massive success while on the Bachelor in Paradise. He further stated that Smith would meet his wife there and that Ben could do them a privilege if he agreed to on the Paradise. But it’s also worth noting that Ben is being considered the lead on The Bachelor in the future. Mills stated that Jordan is definitely everyone’s consideration, and that’s why he should be in Paradise. Mills noted that he had expressed to Nick Viall about Peter Weber from The Bachelor’s season 24 on the new season of The Bachelor in Paradise.

Final Thought

After taking a 2-year break due to coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 will finally air in August 2021. This spin-off has a considerable number of fans who have been anxious about when it would return. The show aired in 2019, but ABC has confirmed that the wait is over.  However, we still don’t know about the show’s cast. What we know is they will definitely be contestants who had previously participated in the Bachelor and Bachelorette. But the exact names of the contestants have not yet been released to the public.

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