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Best Books of 2022: A Review of the Best Books of All Time

Best Books of 2022: A Review of the Best Books of All Time

Summer comes with so many goodies for you to enjoy every moment of it. For instance, during the late summer evenings, being misty and humid, you can have a glass of wine. During the cool summer mornings, you will feel good sipping your tea or coffee, looking to have a bright new day. There are those individuals who will prefer lying on the beach or the sun beside the pool. Even though all these activities are fun, there is only one thing that you will be missing. This will be having your beast read in your hands. There are so many exciting books in the market today, but does that mean that they will all be good for you? To help you get your best read, we made a compilation of the best books of 2022 below.

The Best Books of 2022 That You Will Love to Read

The Copenhagen Trilogy, By Tove DitlevsenThe Copenhagen Trilogy, By Tove Ditlevsen

This is from a Danish author who was famous in her country by her 20s. She wrote a major work body that includes 11 poetry books, 7 novels, and 4 story collections. Her memoirs are now published in one volume, which is titled ‘The Copenhagen Trilogy.’ These appeared in Danish originally as separate books, which are ‘Childhood’ and ‘Youth’ (1967) and the amazing third ‘Dependency’ (1967). When read together, they form a certain type of masterpiece that fills a certain type of void. This author describes everything from the failed abortions to the dual nature of life during the Nazi rule.

Klara and the Sun, By Kazuo IshiguroKlara and the Sun, By Kazuo Ishiguro

This is the first novel from this author after he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. Kazuo tells the story of an artificial friend (Klara) with amazing observational qualities. From Klara’s place in the store, she watches keenly the behavior of people who came in to browse. She also noted the behavior of those who passed on the street outside. Al that she hopes for is that a customer will eventually choose her. This is a thrilling book that offers a look at the changing world through the eyes of a narrator who is unforgettable. The narrators explore the key question of what it actually means to love.

No One Is Talking About This, By Patricia LockwoodNo One Is Talking About This, By Patricia Lockwood

This is about an unnamed protagonist who is energized and depleted by the ‘portal’ (Twitter) at the same time. The read fully captures what it feels like being held captive by the horrible and hilarious social media banalities. Readers and critics have eaten this up as a manifesto for the digital times. Most reviewers leave out that in this novel’s second half after Lockwood steps away from social media and the internet, the story elevates from clever to astounding.

Sorrowland by Rivers SolomonSorrowland by Rivers Solomon

Vern is 7 months pregnant and is desperate to the point that she is looking to escape the harsh religious compound in which she was raised. She flees into the wood shelters, where she gives birth to twins. This is where she plans to raise the twins very far from the outside world’s influence. However, in the forest, Vern remains a hunted woman. She is forced to fight back against the same community that strongly let her go. Here, she unveils amazing brutality that is beyond what the common person can do.

To comprehend her change and protect her young family, Vern needs to face the past and the future out of the woods. Getting the truth will mean unearthing the secrets of the compound that she fled from and the violent American history.

The Fourth Child, By Jessica Winter

Jane, a devoutly Catholic and really unsure about herself, becomes pregnant while in high school. In her early twenties, she is already raising 3 children. This happens in the suburbs of the state of western New York. By the fall of 1991, having her kids growing older and independent, Jane becomes overwhelmed by some intellectual and spiritual restlessness. This leads her to be involved in a nearby pro-life group. From the tenets of her beliefs, Jane adopts a little girl from the East of Europe. However, Mirela becomes a difficult kid. This kid is deprived of a caring caregiver during infancy and remains unattached to new parents regardless of the love she receives.

As Jane looks for therapies that could help Mirela, her relationship with the family, particularly the older daughter (Lauren), begins to fray. Lauren feels estranged and unsettled by her mother. It is here where she begins discovering the power of her sexuality and creativity. When Lauren becomes confronted with her youth limits and independence, Jane gets into an emotional crisis. This forces Jane to reconcile her faith and principles with the determination to keep her daughters safe.

A Master of Djinn by P. Djeli ClarkA Master of Djinn by P. Djeli Clark

If you are looking for the best mystery books, this one will be a good pick. In a steampunk, Fatma is assigned to find out the murderer of a brotherhood dedicated to among the most famous history men, al-Jahiz. The famous men had transformed the world a while back before escaping into the unknown. Fatma is ready to take up the role with her suits carefully tailored and her wit always ready to go. With her lover, Siti, and rookie partner, Hadia, she will begin to unravel a case that unfurls from a very delicate mystery to a swirling inferno where the world may be at stake.

Liberty, By Kaitlyn GreenidgeLiberty, By Kaitlyn Greenidge

Bing of age as a free-born black girl, Libertie is aware that her purposeful mother, a practicing physician, has a vision for their future. In this case, Liberty would go to medical school along with the mother for practice. All the same, she was drawn more into music as opposed to science. She feels that her mother’s choices are stifling and becomes hungry for something else. She remains constantly reminded that, unlike her mother, she is dark-skinned. A man from Haiti proposes to Liberty. She promises to be his equal to learn that she is subordinate to all men. Liberty struggles where to find her freedom as a black woman for her and future generations.

The Shape of Thunder by Jasmine WargaThe Shape of Thunder by Jasmine Warga

Cora has gone a year without speaking to Quinn, her best friend. Even though they live next door to one another, they live in different grief worlds. Cora still grapples with the death of her dear sister in some school shooting. Quinn, on the other hand, carries the guilt of what her own brother did. On Cora’s 12th birthday, Quinn left a box on the doorstep having a note. She decides that the sole way of fixing things is by going back in times before the brother changes their lives forever and stops him.

Despite herself, Cora wanted to believe. In this case, the two friends start working together. However, attempting to unveil the mysteries of time travel and save their siblings, they learn something new. The magic of their friendship can actually be the key to save themselves.

Infinite Country, By Patricia EngelInfinite Country, By Patricia Engel

During the early times of the new millennium, Colombia is one country that is devastated by violence for half a century. Mauro and Elena were teenagers when they met. Upon the birth of their first-born daughter, they set for the United States amid grim economic prospects in Bogot√°. They travel all the way to Houston and send money back to Elena’s mother. All this time, they are risking overstaying their tourist visas or return back home. When their family expands, they keep on moving. Due to the ignorance of their exit dates, the young family is plunged into an undocumented status. After Mauro is deported, Elena is left responsible for taking care of their 3 small children. This leads to Elena making a hard choice that will ease the burdens and divide the family even further.

We Are Satellites by Sarah PinskerWe Are Satellites by Sarah Pinsker

Julie and Val want the best for their kids, Sophie and David. One day when the teenage son comes home and asks for a pilot (a brain implant to help with school), they agree reluctantly. After all, this is the future. Later, Julie feels some mounting pressure to get a Pilot leaving Sophie and Val a people with no device. Implications get clear before long for the family and society at large. You get a Pilot, or you are left behind. Since there are no downsides and plenty of government subsidies, why would you refuse? These become the questions that Sophie and the anti-Pilot movement seek answers for.

Detransition, Baby, By Torrey PetersDetransition, Baby, By Torrey Peters

This book is about a triangle of people. It involves Reese, a trans-woman who is desperately looking to become a mother. It also involves her ex Ames, formerly known as Amy, who actually de-transitioned and lived as a man again. The other character is Katrina, Ame’s boss, who is pregnant with his kid and unsure about that prospect. There is much more than that in this book. It is populated with married cowboys who are HIV-positive and trans-couples who are IVF-entangled. However, there is no mimicry here about the trans-love triangle.

The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila HarrisThe Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris

Nella Rogers, a 26-year-old editorial assistant, becomes tired of being the sole black employee for Wagner Books. Being fed up by the microaggressions and isolation, she becomes thrilled when Hazel, born and bred in Harlem, begins working in the cubicle beside her. They start by comparing some natural hair care regimens. However, after a string of some uncomfortable events, Hazel is elevated to Office Darling. This leaves Nella in the dust.

Later, notes start popping up on Nella’s desk that read, ‘leave Wagner immediately.’ It is just hard to believe that the hostile messages are from Hazel. All the same, when Nella begins to obsess and spiral over sinister forces at the play, she realizes that there are more at stake as opposed to her career.

The Book of Difficult Fruit, By Kate LeboThe Book of Difficult Fruit, By Kate Lebo

A stands for Aronia, a berry member in the apple family and superfruit with healing power. D stands for Durian, having a shifty odor. In some unique invention, these, together with other difficult fruits, serve to be the main ingredients of 26 lyrical essays. The entries are often poetic, associative, and taking unexpected turns to give insights into life. Other aspects captured here include relationships, modern medicine, self-care, and many more.

One Last Stop by Casey McquistonOne Last Stop by Casey Mcquiston

Cynical August is a 23-year-old who believes that moving to New York City will prove her right. She wants proof that magic and cinematic love stories do not actually exist. This way, the only smart way is to live life alone. She imagines how waiting tables at some 24-hour dinner and moving in with weird roommates could change that. There is this gorgeous girl on the train by the name of Jane. With her swoopy hair and a soft smile, she saves August’s day just at the right time. The subway crush becomes the best thing in her day, but she later discovers one big problem. Jane does not really look like some old-school punk rocker. Jane is laterally displaced from the 1970s, and August has to use everything she was trying to leave in the past.

Aftershocks, By Nadia OwusuAftershocks, By Nadia Owusu

Nadia Owusu happens to grow up in a very part of the world. She has been to Rome, London, Kampala, and Dar-es-Salaam. After being abandoned by the mother at 2 years of age, the rejection brought so much confusion about her own identity. She was raised by her stepmother after her father died when she was 13. She was not able to come to terms with the stepmother since she felt alone and motherless.

After joining a university in America, Nadia was 18 when she felt as if she had several competing personas to track all of them. She was doing this while still trying to hold herself together. Aftershocks are about Nadia’s life as she is hauling herself out of the wreckage. She starts to learn that the only firm ground is the one she writes into existence.

Somebody’s Daughter: A Memoir by Ashley C. FordSomebody s Daughter A Memoir by Ashley C Ford

For the longest, she could remember, Ashley puts her father on a pedestal. Even though she had only vague memories of seeing the father physically, she believes that he is the sole person who understands her worldwide. She also thinks that she understands the father as well. The father is just as sensitive as she is, an artist and probably afraid of the dark. She believes that there will come a day when they reunite again to feel complete. The few problems that exist are that he is in prison and unaware of what took him there.

Through puberty, poverty, and a bad relationship with her mother, she returns to the father’s image for encouragement and hope. Ashley is unaware of how to cope with the worries that keep her up all night long. Even worse, she doesn’t know how to handle the body changes that draw attention from unwanted men. When searching for unconditional love, Ashely dates a boy who is not liked by his mother. When the relationship got sour, the boy assaulted her. As she heals from rape, which is unknown to the family, Ashley discovers why her father is in prison.

Under a White Sky, By Elizabeth KolbertUnder a White Sky, By Elizabeth Kolbert

In this book, Elizabeth takes a hard look at the new world that is being created. Along the way, she comes across biologists who seem to preserve a rare fish in the world. The fish lives in a tiny pool somewhere in Mojave. There are Iceland engineers who turn carbon emissions to stone. In Australia, researchers try to develop some super coal that can actually survive on a hotter globe. There are also physicists trying to contemplate shooting tiny diamonds in the stratosphere to cool the earth.

The Chosen and the Beautiful By Nghi VoThe Chosen and the Beautiful By Nghi Vo

The 1920s American society’s rarefied circles are where Jordan Baker grows up. She got the money, a killer golf handicap, education, and invitations to the exclusive parties during the Jazz Age. She is also an adopted Asian and is treated like some exotic attraction, especially by her peers. The world is filled with wonders as infernal pacts as well as dazzling illusions lost elemental mysteries. Jordan can just burn the cut paper heart from an. All she needs to do is learn how.

In The Quick, By Kate Hope DayIn The Quick, By Kate Hope Day

June is such a brilliant but difficult girl who has a gift for mechanical inventions. She leaves home to start grueling the astronaut training at some National Space Program. At Peter Reed, she is younger than her classmates by 2 years. She, therefore, struggles to have friends and find real intellectual peers. Six years down the line, she had a coveted engineer post on some space station. At this time, she had a sense of belonging. All the same, she remains haunted by the Inquiry mystery. This is a revolutionary spacecraft that has been powered by her late uncle’s fuel cells. The spacecraft disappeared when June was only 12. Even though everyone seems to have forgotten the crew, June has evidence that brings her the belief that they are alive.

What You Can See From Here by Mariana Leky, Translated By Tess LewisWhat You Can See From Here by Mariana Leky, Translated By Tess Lewis

After Selma dreams about an Okapi, the whole village is aware that someone will die. What do they do with is information, after all? Luisa, her granddaughter and best friend by the name of Martin, visits the people in the neighborhood to witness their fears and confusion. The novel is intensely moving and funny. It captures the memorable cast of characters. It is about the memories and moments that will forever stick with us. The novel is about finding joy, despair, and love in the smallest moments.

Fierce Poise, By Alexander NemerovFierce Poise, By Alexander Nemerov

During the early 1950s, there was a promising painter called Helen Frankenthaler. Fresh from college, she moved to the city of New York. Before the decade could end, she had already managed to become a renowned American artist in the postwar period. For the years in between, she made head-turning and the most daring paintings of her day. She also came into hers as a woman, falling in and out of love, traveling the world, and engaging in artistic education. Helen is an important component in America’s dominance of the art world in the mid-century.

Survive the Night by Riley SagerSurvive the Night by Riley Sager

Josh Baxter is a virtual stranger to Charlie. These two met at the campus ride board. Each of them was looking to share that long drive to Ohio. Both have good reasons to wish to getaway. In Charlie’s case, it is the guilt and the grief after the murder of her best friend. For Josh, it is to help to care for his sick father. All the same, Charlie has her doubts since there is something suspicious with Josh. This follows his denial for Charlie to see what the car trunk had inside.

There are also holes in the story about his sick father. While traveling an empty highway, worried Charlie starts thinking that she is actually sharing the car with the ‘campus killer.’ Is Charlie just suspicious, or is it true that Josh is actually dangerous? Following next is a game of cat and mouse at night with nowhere to run to. One thing that Charlie must do is survive the night.

Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty, By Patrick Radden KeefeEmpire of Pain

The Sackler name dominates most walls of the storied institutions. These include Oxford, Havard, the Lourve, and others. They are among the richest families worldwide and are known for their donations to arts and sciences. Even though the source of this family’s fortune was vague, it becomes evident that the Sackler made and marketed OxyContin. This is the blockbuster painkiller that played a part in the opioid crisis.

She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-ChanShe Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan

In some famine-stricken villages, two kids are given 2 fates. The boy is given greatness while the girl gets nothingness. In 1345, China was under harsh Mongol rule. Starving peasants of central plains believe that greatness only exists in stories. Zhu’s family 8th born son by the name Zhu Chongba is given greatness fate. This makes everyone worried about how this will come to be. They only expect the nothingness given to the second-born daughter, who is clever and capable. A bandit attacks orphans where the two children suffer, but Zhu Chongba succumbs and dies. Learning that she will die, the girl uses the brother’s identity and enters as a male novice. She, therefore, remains hidden from her fate.

Painting Time, By Maylis De KerangalPainting Time

Here, we are introduced to a young artist, Paula Karst. The artist is enrolled at a known institute in Brussels. As opposed to friends that she makes at school, the artist strives to comprehend the specifics of what she is painting. She selects the painstaking demands of craft as opposed to the high art abstraction. Having the attention of a documentary filmmaker, Maylis follows the apprenticeship of Pula. After completing their studies, Paula continues practicing her art in Paris, Moscow, and Italy.

A Slow Fire Burning By Paula HawkinsA Slow Fire Burning By Paula Hawkins

Laura has spent the best part of her life under judgment. She is seen as a troubled, hot-tempered person and a loner. Some claim that she is dangerous. Miriam knows that Laura has been witnessed leaving a horrific murder scene having blood on her clothes. She, however, understands that this does not make Laura a killer. From her bitter experiences, she has learned how easy it is to be caught on the wrong side and at the wrong time.

Final Thought

There you go! These are the best books of 2022. The book business, just like any other business, has been hard hit by the 2020 hitches. You, however, do not have to worry about that if you are a fan of best fantasy books. The reason for that is that this business is hurriedly getting back to its normal speed, and 2022 is just getting better. Whether you prefer fictional or non-fictional books, you will always have something for yourself. Getting to your local bookstore or library might feel daunting as you try to wander all the shelves in search of your best read. You will be there wondering what you should read next.

If you are looking for the best books to read, we got you in our compilation above. It has a list of the best books of 2022 as recommended by experts. Since these are the best books of all time, we believe that your next read is here.

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