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The 15 Best Hulu Original Shows to Stream Right Now in 2021

The 15 Best Hulu Original Shows to Stream Right Now in 2021

The streaming services war is raging on. While entertainment companies are burning their brains off, users are having a blast with so much new content. As a belligerent in this war, Hulu is no exception. Fighting among the big boys, Hulu needs to have a large arsenal of series and movies. So what are their state-of-the-art weapons? Here you’ll find a list of the best Hulu original shows.

Before starting, let’s do a twenty-one-gun salute to the fallen. Every battle has its casualties. This one is no exception. With ever-growing content libraries, users aren’t simply getting overwhelmed. They are also missing out on excellent week-old content that is buried under a daily flow of releases.

The intent of this article is for you to get good value for your subscription. Also, there is no sublime original creation where artists put their blood, tears, toil, and sweat to go unnoticed. So, if you’re eager to watch Hulu original shows, grab some popcorn. This guide will serve as an introduction to Hulu and what to watch there.

Best Hulu Original Shows In 2021 You Can Stream Right Now

Hulu has become one of the most extensive streaming services in the market and is positioned as a top-tier entertainment service. As of 2021, it is the third greatest in the US, just above Disney+ and HBO Max. However, keeping themselves, there are no small potatoes for Hulu. It entirely depends on the continuous expansion of their already extensive library.

Of course, most already know about the award-winning series The Handmaid’s Tale. American Horror Story is also one of the users’ (and personal) favorites. However, Hulu has something for every member of the family. Their inventory is full of dramas, action, sci-fi, and other genres to choose from. Without further ado, here’s a compilation of the original series you can watch on Hulu:


This comedy tells the story of Ramy, a first-generation Egyptian-American living in a religious community in New Jersey. You’ll follow him on a self-discovery spiritual journey in a country that’s more politically and generationally divided than ever. He’ll have to face tough challenges that’ll put his entire life in question.

Started by Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef, the series serves as a self-reflection for everyone. It’ll make you laugh and think about what aspects of our lives are chosen and which ones are imposed. All in all, it is a great show, especially for young adults entering that frightening world called adulthood. Their first and second seasons are already available on Hulu.


Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, two thirty-year-olds, portray themselves as two 2000 teenagers surrounded by real pre-teens. With this cringe premise, this surrealist and hilarious comedy show the early stages of high school. Maya and Anna will go through some life experiences everyone can relate to. They are dealing with your parents’ divorce, trying to have your first kiss, or hiding your authentic self to make new friends.

All of the above in a simpler world before 9/11 or the appearance of Insta, Tik Tok, and Facebook. You’ll laugh yourself off as you see how their entire lives are affected by the stupid decisions they make. This physical comedy is a must for every adult who needs to remember how horrible high school could be.

Castle Rock

Every small town has its secrets. Nevermore so than in Castle Rock, Maine. Revenge, murders, cults, and supernatural forces hunt the inhabitants of this God-forgiven place. This ode to the battle of darkness and light is mandatory for any Stephen King fan out there.

Take a tour through some of King’s most infamous locations in this delightfully crafted world. Here you’ll see the most recognizable settings from King’s multiverse, such as Shawshank prison, Juniper Hill asylum, and many others. The first two seasons are already available on Hulu. Just a friendly reminder: don’t watch it at night with the lights out.

Love, Victor

If you liked Love, Simon, you’d love its spinoff, Love, Victor. Victor, a top-tier high school athlete, and beloved son, arrives at Simon’s school. However, grades will be the least of his concerns. High school has never been easy, especially when trying to find who you’re attracted to.

This drama will warm your heart and bring you to tears on occasions. Through this ten-episode series, you’ll care for Victor. Moreover, the show serves as an excellent reminder for you to be who you are. Recommend for all who are going through a rough patch and trying to define themselves.

The Great

Both dramatic and emotional at the same time, this ten-episode Hulu original will thrill those who like historical dramas. The Great shows the path to power of a young and naïve German woman. She arrives in Russia until becoming Catherine The Great, empress of the largest nation on Earth. Nevertheless, this is no bed of roses when you have to fight your husband’s brutal regime.

Catherine’s desire to transform the country will constantly meet harsh obstacles that quickly bring her down to reality. Still, wearing a white hat has never been easy, and it’ll take a lot to shatter Catherine’s hope. With carefully picked scenography and excellent acting, the intelligent script makes for a superb empowering show. The series is a solid recreation of 18th-century Russia. However, it feels all too real and matches the current times perfectly.


The Handmaid’s Tale meets Pride and Prejudice in this ballad of equality and misogyny. Money is King, and nobody knows this better than Madam Margaret Wells. This soap opera will show Margaret’s struggle to get her family to a better position. No matter who she stomps on or whose body is for sale in her brothel.

Hypocrisy and backstabbing abound in this historical drama. Apart from being an entertaining series, Harlots also criticizes the conditions women have to face to survive. Samantha Morton and Lesley Manville’s performances are flawless, making it extremely difficult to pick a side on their characters’ long-standing rivalry.


In a country where four out of 10 Americans are obese, a moralless weight reduction industry gets to amass billions. However, as tempting as their ads may be, Annie won’t fall for them. Regardless of her mother’s aggressive comments and her boyfriend’s embarrassment of her body weight, she won’t give in.

Follow Annie as she flips her condescending boss and extreme dieting off to take control of her own life. Everything a fat person needs is a charming attitude and a supportive best friend. Aidy Bryant and Lolly Adefope’s brilliant acting make this light-hearted comedy an excellent addition to your watch list. The third season is already out! Watch it on your favorite entertainment website.

Solar Opposites

Rick and Morty, one of history’s most excellent series, finally meets a worthy rival. It is no shocker, though, as the show was co-created by Justin Roiland, one of its creators. Solar Opposites centers around an alien family who are the lone survivors of their now-gone home planet. After they have an accident and end up on Earth, they’ll need to try their best to adapt to human life.

With so many terrible Bojack Horseman wannabes, Solar Opposites brings some needed fresh air to an overcrowded industry. The show has all the elements to become the internet’s next meme: pop culture references, clever burns, and iconic moments. If you like Invader Zim as a child, you’ll love Solar Opposites as a grown-up. With two seasons currently available and two more to come, you won’t be running out of good jokes any time soon.

The Wrong Mans

What could be worse than being trapped in a menial job? Being trapped in a deadly conspiracy by utter chance. Well, that’s precisely what happens to Sam and Phil, two average Britons who had the misfortune of answering the wrong call. You won’t regret them doing so, though, as you’ll be having the ball of your life.

This action-packed comedy relies heavily on the main actors’ charisma. And thank heavens it does. James Corden and Mathew Bayton’s amusing portrayals are to die for. The Wrong Mans is a limited series full of British Humour in Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright movies. All in all, a great show to enjoy with the colleagues, a cold beer, and some nachos with cheddar.

Difficult People

People that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Well, the three seasons of this priceless comedy surely try to prove the point. Julie and Billy, her BFF, will work themselves off to get an on-stage performance. Follow them as they fight unscrupulous agents and producers in the hopes of succeeding in the Big Apple.

You can’t miss out on this Hulu original, which could be described as a blend of Arrested Development and Seinfield. The cheerful and sweet tone of the show could only be the works of Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner. However, they’re also joined by an exceptional cast that completely aced it.


Fighting nazis has never been more entertaining than in one of the most excellent miniseries you’ll find on Hulu! Catch-22 is an exemplary critic of the idiocy of war and commanders who think of their soldiers as mere free cannon fodder.

Through the eyes of bombardier John Yossarian, portrayed by Christopher Abbot, you’ll experience all the horrors of war. However, there’ll always be some room for a joke to lighten the mood.

Kyle Chandler, Hugh Laurie, and George Clooney also join Abbot to create the best possible cast for this series. Moreover, the accurate effects, lighting, and setting give the series that Tarantino-ish aesthetics you’ll adore. In addition, writers didn’t spare any black humor as the show is packed with it, making for viewers’ continuous enjoyment.

Future Man

Herpes is a thing of the past. The cure is already available and 100% effective. Possible side effects? Maybe a headache, dry mouth, and fatigue but nothing serious. Oh, yeah, you might become a mutant that’ll devastate Earth, but hey, it’s worth it, right? However, there’s still some hope. With the use of a videogame, are you sometimes traveling… and Josh Hutcherson? Soldiers from the future might come back to stop it all.

From Seth Rogen’s high mind comes a sci-fi comedy show that’ll blow your mind. They continuously make homages to some of the most famous movies like Back to the Future or Deadpool 2. Moreover, the series is an interesting tweak to one ancient dilemma. If you could go back in time, would you kill Hitler while he’s a baby?

Little Fires Everywhere

In an America rocked by the debate over racial inequality, this series couldn’t be any more compelling. Little Fires Everywhere took place in 1997, is the story of two mothers who have very little in common. Mia, an African-American mother, and her teen daughter move to Shaker Heights, Ohio, searching for a better life. But all goes kaput when her life intertwines with Elena and her wealthy white family.

The fierce contrast between these two mothers will spark a fiery discussion on what motherhood means. Race, wealth, and entitlement will play a vital role in a conflict that builds up until it upends their entire lives. Throughout the eight episodes, Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon’s acting will touch you deeply. The series will make you question what sacrifice and privilege are.


Based on Stephen King’s bestseller novel with the same name, 11.22.63 is a must for any time travelers wannabes. Follow Jake Amberson, a regular English teacher, as he travels to the sixties to make (or should I say change?) history and save JFK. However, despite Jake’s good intentions, some questions remain. Can he save the President and avoid the Vietnam war escalation? Does the past want to be changed?

Don’t miss out on this nail-biting story that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ll root for Jake as he makes the ultimate sacrifices for the greater good. It is also a nostalgic journey through a past that’s not so long gone. This series is a rollercoaster of emotions, started by James Franco, Sarah Gadon, and George MacKay.


Almost three decades after it was first released, Animaniacs has become an integral part of America’s culture. The Warner siblings are as adored by anyone as any of the Looney Tunes. After being off the air for more than 20 years, Hulu made a revival of the show. Hulu’s reboot gives adults the possibility of reuniting with their childhood’s favorite cartoons. It also gives the little ones the chance to discover a colorful world filled with mischief and hilarious jokes.

The reboot maintains the essence of the original series we all know and love. Most voice actors return to play their original roles, joined by some original composers and writers. Each episode is just 24 minutes long, and you can watch them in any order as they have no continuous narrative.

Moreover, in most episodes, you’ll get a story of Pinky and The Brain sandwiched in the middle. So, you’ll get two beloved cartoons from your childhood for the price of one!

How to Watch Hulu On My Computer?

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know how to watch series on Hulu, it’s easy peasy. Firstly, you open your browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox, and go to and log in. Then, you’ll be redirected to the home page.

There you’ll find the best movies on Hulu, as well as the most-streamed series. Lastly, you select something you’re interested in and press the play button. If nothing’s of your liking, search for something specific and start enjoying it.

There are also some special features worth mentioning. To begin with, there are the view modes, such as the Night Mode, Picture-in-Picture, or the Full-Screen Mode. They’ll provide for a better experience.

Moreover, features like autoplay and the keyboard controls will become your allies when binging. On the other hand, closed captions and audio descriptions will improve the event. What’s more, they’re a great tool if you’re learning a new language or have hearing or visual problems.

Final Thought

Hulu is unique when it comes to the original content you’ll find only on their platform. They didn’t start producing their series and movies as early as some of their competitors. However, because of the streaming war, they’re quickly catching up. As a result, more and more people are being drawn to their site.

Either because you’ve ditch cable or are looking for new refreshing content, Hulu’s for you! Everyone will find something that’s precisely for them. So, prepare your tissues or your beer and nachos or whatever’s suitable for what you want to watch. It’s high time for Hulu and chill!



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