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Country Comfort Season 2: A Netflix Original Family-Sitcom

Country Comfort Season 2: A Netflix Original Family-Sitcom

If you are a fan of Musical-Comedy, then Netflix has just released Country Comfort. While the show has not yet made a significant impact in terms of viewership, it has managed to get a noticeable number of fans. So, should there be Country Comfort season 2? And if these series were to get a second season, when would it be released? Besides that, what can viewers expect? Here is are some of the possible outcomes of Country Comfort Season 2.

About Country Comfort Show

Country Comfort is the latest original family-sitcom comedy by Netflix. The show series was created by the talented Caryn Lucas and it’s quite popular thanks to its rare Netflix genre. Up to date, this sitcom comedy is the 20th one that Netflix has released as an Original. While Netflix has not yet announced the 2nd season of this show, it has definitely left viewers with lots of open-ended questions. There are those who have hopes that the second season of this family sitcom could be already in line for production.

Curiosity is the main factor that’s driving viewers who have watched this series to the end. They want to know if Bailey eventually won the competition. Besides that, did her career finally took off and what are the chances that she could leave Beau’s kids in the end? It’s clear that Boone is no longer here as he wants to go on a tour with Keith Urban. So, will Bailey eventually get back with Boone after he comes back? Well, these are among the many questions that viewers need answers for.

The Story of Country Comfort Season 2 TV Show

The storyline of this show starts featuring Katharine McPhee who is having car trouble. She ends up showing up at a house to borrow a phone. Well, it turns out that Kathrine (now Bailey) has actually lost not only her job but also her house and boyfriend all in just one night.

The family where Bailey shows up to borrow a phone thinks that she came to interview as a nanny. It is certain that she isn’t there for that but this doesn’t mean that she won’t be able to get the job if she is interested. Things take a different turn and it’s evident that Bailey is the most ideal person to take over as the family nanny.

The show quickly picks an interesting sequence and it ends with a more heartwarming series of events. For instance, Bailey ends up preparing for a live performance that this show could play a huge role in shaping her career. While she clearly knows that performance could have a positive impact on her career, she decides to walk away after Boone said he’ll be going on a tour.

But Beau’s 5 children stand with her in a moment of solidarity and stage the performance with her. The kids take the stage and begin to play “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts. Indeed Bailey decides to join them for this performance and the awesome series ends with a bow to the audience. So, if season two was in the pipeline, would Bailey finally decide to fully pursue her solo music career?

Is ‘Country Comfort’ Based on a True Story or Not?

This sitcom isn’t based on a true story. Like we have stated previously, the series’ storyline was created and written by Caryn Lucas. It should be noted that Lucas is talented in creating masterpieces having created The Nanny and Miss Congeniality. If you are keen eyes, you will definitely find there are some resemblances between Country Comfort and the Nanny.

While it’s simply another storyline, Country Comfort is based on current real-life issues. There are many instances where this sit come touches issues that we can easily relate to. For instance, there is a theme about family grief over the loss of a matriarch. Besides that, someone in the show is struggling to become an aspiring musician.

There are also abandonment issues by the people we love, choices and decision making, as well as the aspect of the family. All these incidents are in one way or the other relevant to our day-to-day lives.

The Renewal Status of Country Comfort Season 2

Currently, the Country Comfort renewal status’ is still pending. It’s been less than a month since the airing of Country Comfort and it’s therefore too early for Netflix to issue a statement regarding the second season of this show. But this doesn’t eliminate the fact that there are already worrying signs. To some extent, we may not see the second season. This is because, in all the countries that have aired Country Comfort, the show has not made it to the top 10 list.

Its impact on viewers is generally low since most sitcoms usually rake in significant views within the first 3 days. A sitcom would be released Friday and it would have made it to the top 10 in most countries by Monday.

However, we can assume that a lot of people have not already watched Country Comfort and that there are high chances of things turning around. However, if it still continues in the same trend, then the only sure thing is that this will be a show with a single season.


The Release Date of Country Comfort Season 2

The series has to be first renewed for us to get a release date. Currently, Country Comfort doesn’t have a renewal status hence it doesn’t have a release date. But in case its renewal has been confirmed for season 2, then it’s highly unlikely that it will return to our screens in 2021. An earlier release of the renewal date means that we are more likely to get the second season of Country Comfort on Netflix in 2022.

The Expectation of Fans from Country Comfort Season 2

Baily was left without a band to accompany her after Boone made an announcement that he’s walking away from the competition in order to tour with Keith. While Baily had tried to pull out of the competition, in the end, she ended up singing and performing “Bless the Broken Road” with 4 of Beau’s kids. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the first season, Country Comfort Season 2 should be able to reveal whether Bailey won the competition or not. It should be noted that Bailey still won’t have a band to accompany her since Boone decided to walk away.

This means that fans should expect to see Bailey performing more with Beau’s kids during future performances. We can also expect to see a blossoming romance between different couples. For instance, Beau’s and summer’s romance is expected to continue to blossom despite some of the children protesting about it. Summer is definitely keen on getting a ring on her finger. However, she needs to be extremely careful since Beau is a rugged cowboy. If she applies too much pressure about the ring, then he will end up feeling pushed away, and eventually, she may not get anything.

On the other hand, Tuck had revealed to Jo that Brody, his brother, likes her. So, there is a possibility of love getting brewed between this teen pair. It’s clear that Beau’s children love Baily. Meanwhile, Beau definitely respects this country singer and so should the love between Beau and summer get sour, chances are that he might try to romance Baily instead.

Who is in the Cast of Country Comfort Season 2?

We definitely expect the members who were in Country Comfort Season 1. They include:

  • Kathrine McPhee – Bailey
  • Eddie Cibrian – Beau
  • Ricardo Hurtado- Tuck
  • Jamie Martin Mann – Brody
  • Griffin Thomas McIntyre – Dylan
  • Shiloh Verrico- Cassidy
  • Eric Balfour – Boone
  • Pyper Braun -Chloe
  • Janet Varney – Summer

Country Comfort Fans are Hopeful to See the Next Season

If you haven’t already watched County Comfort Netflix Comedy, then you are definitely missing out. Season 1 of the show is already airing but can fan be hopeful about season 2? Will it happen or not? Country comfort season 1 is an interesting quick watch. The show has 10 episodes and all of them take less than 30 minutes to watch. You will definitely love it, especially when Katharine uses her lovely signing voice to win over the kids.

Well, this is something that she’s known for. But will Season 2 of this show be back? Until now, Netflix hasn’t said anything in relation to that. It should be noted that this is the first time that Netflix has released a musical comedy and it has been a hit with its audience. So, they probably have to sit down and analyze how far it can go. In the meantime, we can only wait and hope that Netflix will renew Country Comfort Season 2.

Final Thought

If you love sitcom and have watched Country Comfort, you are definitely curious to know if Netflix will release the next season. At the moment, we can’t fully confirm anything related to that. The comedy is still fresh on the market having being released less than a month ago. However, we hope that a subsequent series will come soon.



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