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What We Need to Do to Get Ready for The Next Pandemic: Some Points to Improve

What We Need to Do to Get Ready for The Next Pandemic: Some Points to Improve

A large-scale pandemic is terrifying. But completely realistic. Humanity is already experiencing it today. To reduce the risks and better cope with them, the world must take steps today to be prepared lest humanity falls into the same mistakes.

COVID-19 will surely not be the last pandemic the world will experience. So people must start facing the next pandemic today. You will know what we need to do now to get ready for the next pandemic.

The planet is still in crisis because of the covid-19 pandemic. Even more so now with the delta variant lurking. That is why public health and emergency management experts must be already preparing. Biologists are confident that at some point, another outbreak will strike the world. Public health researchers are primarily dedicated to finding answers.

Since they cannot be sure what will happen in the future, humanity must be prepared. Another catastrophe could strike at any time, and prevention is better than cure.

There are several aspects to improve that we must be ready for the future pandemic. Some of these may seem very basic, but they are essential. COVID-19 left us in evidence, which is why today, more than ever, we must prepare for what is to come.

This Is What We Need to Do to Get Ready For The Next Pandemic

Certain aspects seem essential, but that today humanity did not do. And they are the cause of the catastrophe that the world has experienced. You will learn what we need to do now to get ready for the next pandemic.

As a first step, the health system must be improved. And we are not just talking about beds and hospitals. Also, medicine must evolve in the area of vaccines. You have to have an all-encompassing healthcare system. A health system that already knows all possible diseases to be able to develop a vaccine quickly.

Public and private hospitals should have beds prepared for a catastrophe. In the middle of a pandemic, you can’t go out to solve emergency things. Governments must prepare their health systems for the next pandemic.

The second point is to make people aware of things early. To this end, epidemiological records must be strengthened at local, national, and international levels if pneumonia appears in an area above the usual rate. Or specific increasing symptoms, hospitalizations, morbidities, mortalities must be recorded.

Covid Pandemic

The population must have obvious and immediate algorithms to see the changes in the population’s health. What we already have must be significantly improved because, with the technology of studies that allow data from hundreds of millions of cases (big data), this must be collected and reported immediately.

That is the most crucial point. People find out what is happening, are up to date, and do not wait for results from entities that take months to analyze the data. This would also be helped by countries having their tests. It is essential that they are prepared to manufacture viral vector detection tests, but not on an emergency basis. Always have the necessary structure in place to manufacture millions of tests very quickly.

These are simple techniques that some countries make every day in many laboratories. And start with the hot spots, where the disease is more concentrated. And not only to diagnose the disease (PCR) and organize isolations. But to detect in blood the immune response and the recovery of the infection in asymptomatic people. This is the only way to know what is happening and how to organize the control of the population. Both to isolate and to open the exits of the population.

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Another aspect of improving is the protection of risk personnel. In the next epidemic, what happened in this one cannot happen to us. The population lacks protection systems for personnel at risk. As well as the technology necessary to act on the most serious ones.

People can not solve a pandemic with a quick action of respirators without homologation. The purchasing model of the health system of the twentieth century no longer works. Today it consists of ordering when the material is running out to avoid inefficient stockpiling.

This does not serve to protect against the epidemic. The 21st-century model must contemplate an international agreement for the flexible storage of critical material. This should allow for anticipation of needs and rapid response if necessary.

Final Thoughts

The time to become aware is today. Humanity has been in crisis for the last two years for not doing what it should. Now you know what we need to do now to get ready for the next pandemic. The change has to start now.

Looking at the aftermath of COVID-19, one thing became clear: the world must prepare for when the next pandemic hits. So far, the virus has killed many people around the world. And let’s not forget the social and economic disasters. People should prevent this.

The world must not return to the state of crisis it experienced as a result of COVID-19. According to the facts, it cannot go back to wanting to solve everything as a matter of urgency. We should prepare for this. This message is addressed to the leaders in all countries. For it is they who make the decisions in each country.

But also to the people, who are the participants of the societies and who carry out everything. Without the collaboration of the people, we will not be able to get anywhere. The world must begin preparation. It must not fall into the idea that the end of COVID-19 is the natural end.

Charles A. Lipman

Charles A Lipman graduated from Nairobi University in Kenya with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Biological sciences. His focus appears to be writing, and he goes on to publish his first Book on fitness in 2012. Charles Lipman later gets employment from a fitness and wellness company but does stay for long. He quits his job and begins writing and educating people about lifestyle, diet, fitness, and weight loss. He now boasts for his thousands of followers and subscribers who enjoy hits timely and educative content. Charles Lipman is an inspiration to all generations in writing and educating people about weight loss and diet plans that will lead to health and fitness goals.

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