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How to Become a Celebrity Stylist: A Complete Step by Step Guide?

How to Become a Celebrity Stylist: A Complete Step by Step Guide?

Either you want to become a personal or an editorial stylist, make sure to begin your career from the correct path. Getting inspired by the fashion industry’s glamour and thinking to start working as a celebrity stylist is many people’s dream. Earning a living by taking courses in the fashion industry and getting pro in makeup and hairstyling is now a trend. Giving opinions to celebrities about their looks and designing clothes and accessories for their events is dreamy. It gives you the feel of a background mentor of celebrities and all the beauty they have. However, the on and offs of red carpets and magazines are a part of a stylist’s life, but knowing the right strategy is also essential to becoming a professional celebrity stylist. Here we have given a detailed account and guidance for how to become a celebrity stylist. So, let’s get started! [4]

How Do You Become A Celebrity Stylist?

From the outside covering, the job of a celebrity stylist looks so alluring and attractive. You become famous, you are always around the celebrities, and people praise you. You attend parties, shows, and events, and your life looks full of glamour and elegance. However, deep down, being a celebrity stylist requires a lot of hard work and diligence.

The primary key that makes you a successful celebrity stylist is your good fashion sense and delicate taste of vogue. Your whole career is going to revolve around these two elements. Now, your job is to fill more beauty, style, and glamour in them by making them more attractive.

This glamour and elegance attract most people to make a career in the fashion and styling industry. However, after entering this fashion industry, they realize the truth. All this fame is not only because of glamour and money but continuous hard work and determination.

Skill is also a significant concern when it comes to the practical experience of styling. The answer to how to become a celebrity stylist is a skill and continuous practice. Having a good sense of fashion but failing to implement it in your styling is worst. You will also learn how to tackle people of different minds because your clients don’t need to love your work. Even if you are doing your job correctly and guiding them accurately. [4]

Some Step By Step Guide For Becoming A Celebrity Stylist

Working for a celebrity and preparing them to attend their events to earn your living feels like a fairy tale. Although, you need to be hyper-attentive while working with celebrities because once you make someone uncomfortable, they are simply not going to work with you.

Even if you have worked with them thousands of times, they still won’t hire you again. So you need to be super conscious. It is a piece of advice to be alert all the time because they are the ones who go in front of people. People will love to see and listen to them.

Are you still curious to know how to become a celebrity stylist? Besides fashion and vogue sense, you got to carry out some other things to become a successful celebrity stylist. Therefore, we have discussed below a step-by-step guide for your question of how to become a celebrity stylist. Let’s jump into details and know more about this matter:

Choose Fashion Styling Classes Carefully

Having proper training from an institute or a university for styling could be a better option. Many universities are offering undergraduate degrees in fashion styling, and many institutes provide fashion styling certificate programs. These programs will not only help you to have better understandings of styling. With this, it will also train you for mix and match themes of clothing, makeup, hair styling, and accessories. Try your best to have most of the primary and logical training from these organizations.

Try to choose the best institute or university for you because your institute’s name will remain with you forever. It will have a significant impact on your occupation and professional life. [1]

About The Internship

When you are done with your proper training in fashion styling, the next thing you need to have under your belt is an internship. Your institutes or universities may provide internships, or you have to look for them in some other organizations.

With an internship, you will gain some on-hand experience and learn the basics and majors of fashion styling or celebrities. Having an internship will solve half of your problem of how to become a celebrity stylist. With the internship, you will know the actual game of the fashion and styling industries. [3]

Gain Experience In the Styling Industry

After internships, start looking for a job as a celebrity stylist. It will help you in making connections with the professionals and masters of the styling industry. Along with this, you will get to work with celebrities now. It is better to search for an entry-level stylist because, at this stage, you need to learn more as it helps you to enhance your skills. Your workload will below, and you will learn your skill under a professional’s supervision. There will be many top stylists who will supervise you. Ultimately, it will make you learn your skills efficiently and adequately.

The most significant advantage you can have by working on the entry-level position as a celebrity stylist is that whenever these top-listed celebrity stylists are not available, their assistants and juniors get to do all of their work. You can handle all the work just like a top stylist without being a top stylist. [3]


Build a Portfolio and Lookbook

During your internships and early-stage jobs, you will have many chances of making your portfolio and lookbook. With the help of these, you can show your future clients your theme and category of work. Portfolios and lookbooks not only take your skills on a professional level but bring authenticity to your work.

You need to build your portfolio and lookbook in such a way that it attracts and influences your clients. It is the sole purpose of your work. Having a decent, stylish, and up-to-date portfolio has higher chances of helping you get higher and re-owned clients and make you more money. Your portfolio should contain varieties of themes and fashion styles. For example, if a client wants a stylist for a summer men’s style theme, you should know men’s wardrobe essentials with men’s accessories summer styling ideas. [3]

Stay And Keep Up With New Trends And Styles

Keeping up with the new trends and being aware of all the new fashions and styles is essential. You need to know every old and new detail of your profession. Let’s suppose you are a men’s stylist; then you should know what type of men’s wardrobe essentials are in and out of trend. If you don’t cope with the changing trends and fashions, it will be pretty hard for you to make a place in the styling industry. [2]

Never negligence Your Research Skills

To keep up with the new trends and fashion, your researching skills should be solid and fast. If you are going to work for a shoot based on summer men’s style, you need to know all the old and new summer men’s style trends. Knowing what type of accessories look good with the type of clothes and specifications of their look is essential. These are some basic and significant skills of celebrities styling, and you got to learn these from professionals. Moreover, your researching skills will help you in quality work, and you will become your client’s favorite in no time.

Also, you will know every detail regarding the themes, trends, fashion, and styling. So, thinking that your whole day of work will spend on styling celebrities is wrong, because you will put lots of your time in front of screens because of research themes. [3]

Always Live and Breathe the Trend Fashion and Celebrity World

You can visit events in the fashion industry that can help you put a sharp eye on recent trends and styles. The basic styling and fashion trends should be at your fingertips. It is better to have a social circle of people belonging to the fashion and styling industry.

If you want to work as a personal stylist or for a celebrity, these types of events are the best for you. If your client is happy with your service, he/she will not only stick with you but will tell everybody about your service too. In this way, you will get famous because, in the end, celebrities are the most highlighted part of the fashion and styling industry. [3]

Get Ready To Hustle

Once you are done with your training period, get ready to hustle as you will know all the beauty secrets of celebrities. You will get job offers, and by showing your portfolios and lookbook, you can convince your clients. The organizations and celebrities will hire you, and finally, you will get paid for your skills.

Finally, you will know the whole procedure for your question of how to become a celebrity stylist. Your whole day will be spent choosing clothes, doing makeup, maintaining hairstyles, and getting perfect accessories. You will be attending shows in the mornings and red carpets at night while styling celebrities for magazine shoots in the evenings. [3]

Start As An Assistant

Applying for the assistant’s role can also help you get your answer about how to become a celebrity stylist? Moreover, by assisting the masters and professionals of this fashion styling industry, you can learn about the industry’s high-demand trends. Starting your career officially as an assistant could be very beneficial for you. As an assistant, you will have a genuine and authentic understanding of your role.

As we have already said, only having a good fashion sense and a delicate taste of vogue will not make you a successful celebrity stylist. The elements of fashion and vogue need to be mixed with diligence and hard work. However, you will learn these two primary skills by working as an assistant.

Furthermore, you will also become familiar with all the problems and obstructions of a celebrity stylist. At the same time, you will learn how to tackle them and work more efficiently and powerfully, and learning is what makes you a successful celebrity stylist. [1]

Track Down a Distinguished Point of View

Although knowing and keeping up with all the latest trends and fashions is essential, you also got to have your point of view. Research, practice and develop your signature styling based on the technical characteristics of your skills. This signature and distinguished style would not only make your style different from other’s styles and themes but will attract more clients. More fashion styling companies, designers, and celebrities will approach you. [1]

Final Thoughts

Summing up, we are now completely aware of the answer to the question of how to become a celebrity stylist. However, apart from skills and practices, becoming a celebrity stylist is the art of making celebrities feel comfortable. As celebrities usually allow such people around them, that makes them feel comfortable and secure.

Your job’s concentration only depends on how much your name is known to people in the fashion and styling industry. Many times, your pay rate is relatively low, and you still got to work for them. When your name starts circulating among the shoots, websites, newspapers, and magazines, only then do celebrities begin to recognize you and praise you. After that, you get more job offers from high-rate celebrities, fashion, and styling organizations.

Therefore, it is an excellent option to make your career as a celebrity stylist. Your interest in fashion, style, trends, and themes will make you successful. It is a profession a lot of people are doing to earn a living, and it is a fact they are making a lot of money only by styling celebrities. As you know, a correct path with suitable strategies can make you a successful and fortunate celebrity stylist. [2]



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