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How To Iron A Shirt: A Beginners Guide

How To Iron A Shirt: A Beginners Guide

“How to iron a shirt? Can I do it at home?”

You might have thought about visiting the laundry service every time you are not satisfied with your answer. Well, it is not a big deal for casual occasions, though.

But what is going to happen when you need to iron an official shirt? Shirts are an evergreen staple. Moreover, summer men’s style is incomplete without a presentable look in shirts. So, you should maintain an on-time ironing schedule.

Beginners, sit tight! Here we have the best comprehensive guide with easy-to-go steps on ironing your shirt perfectly. Let’s make it impressive!

Firstly, Before You Use The Iron

Well, before getting our hands-on” how to iron a shirt, let us start from the basics. Usually, washed clothes are best to iron.

So, when you decide to wash the dress, we recommend using a good quality fabric conditioner. Thus, while ironing, you won’t have to fight to make the wrinkles smooth every time. To add, the dress will also get a better look and longer life.

How To Iron A Shirt: The Easiest 6 Step

Preparing to iron a shirt properly can be nerve-wracking. A shirt is one of the most influential men’s wardrobe-essentials. But before losing heart, wait, we have got your back.

Here are the simplest explanations on “how to iron a shirt.” So, if you maintain the instructions to a T, there’s nothing that can stop you from having a crease-free, fully ironed shirt.

Read The Label On The Shirt

Firstly, checking the shirt’s care label is necessary. You will notice it on the collar or at the bottom. Thus, you can be sure about the fabric types. It can be of cotton, linen, silk, or other synthetic kinds.

Therefore, setting the iron’s fabric option will be trouble-free. And you won’t have to balance the heat frequently between each step.

The Set-up For Ironing

Now it’s time to search for your ironing board. However, getting an appropriate flat area also works. But make sure the place is at a comfortable height so you won’t have to bend down. Also, you should have enough room to move your hands while ironing.

Afterward, plug in the iron. Another reminder: the power source should be nearby. Otherwise, the power cord won’t cover the entire top to bottom areas of the shirt.

Get Your Shirts Wet Before Ironing

If your iron has a steaming feature, pour enough water beforehand. The user manual will tell you which water to fill for that purpose. In addition, you can use a sprayer or simply use the iron’s spray feature.

Next, sprinkle water thoroughly over the shirt to make it damp. Well, there’s no strict rule on how much water you should spray. However, if you only have a short period to dry it out, you should go accordingly.

Prepare Your Shirt

It’s the preparation time for these “how to iron a shirt” instructions.

You need to remember the following-

  • Undo the shirt buttons.
  • Also, do not forget the cuffs.
  • Make the shirt’s body properly leveled.

You are all set!

Now Is The Time To Iron

Well, you should prepare yourself to keep moving while ironing. Or else, the uneven texture may affect the whole process.

Also, be careful not to burn the cloth. If you press any shirt area for long, it may leave a brown mark over the surface. And be gentle while going forward with the iron. Otherwise, new creases will form.

The Collar

Iron a shirt collar

To start, press the back of your shirt collar. Ensure that you move between the upper and lower sides precisely. Then, for the opposite side, do the same. You can iron it a second time to keep it crisp. Just make the folding shape of the collar and finish it off.

The Cuffs

iron a shirt cuffs

You have already unbuttoned both the cuffs. Next, press its outside slightly with the iron. Repeat the step covering the full surface, including the rough edges. Well, for the single cuff, ironing around the cuff button is necessary. Or else, it may leave a stain.

The Yoke

iron a shirt yoke

This part is the upper backside of the shirt, supporting the shoulder area. Now you need to make the most of the steam from the iron. On the ironing board, position the back yoke to one side. Then, work on the middle of it. Afterward, flip the shirt over and do the same for the other side also.

The Back

The Back

Similarly, iron the back of the shirt. Meanwhile, spray water over the shirt’s body to smooth the creases.

The Front x 2

When it comes to the front side, you need to carefully iron the placket (the button holding place) initially. To add, utilize the sharp front part of the iron to manage the placket well. Then you can press the iron over the entire front body.

The Sleeves x 2

If your iron board has a sleeve board included, this task is a piece of cake for you. However, a flat surface is also sufficient when you are learning how to iron a shirt. Nevertheless, you need to be extra careful while putting your hands on the sleeves. Concentrate on both sides equally so that they become fully crisp and stretched.

Hang The Shirt

When you are finishing up, do not let any carelessness ruin your hard work. For example, not hanging up the shirt while it’s still a bit moist is a minus. Notwithstanding, if the shirt is not so wet, you can fold it step-by-step.

Other Ironing Tips & Tricks

Here go some bonus tips on ironing-

  • Some shirts are crease-resistant. When ironing them, use the medium heat setting.
  • Usually, knitted or garment-washed shirts go with low heat.
  • To check whether the iron is hot enough, spray a dab of water on it. If you notice the sizzling, it’s ready to go.

It is advisable not to iron shirts’ buttons, pant zippers, or other solid dress parts.

Final Thought

We think we can call it a day. Our responsibility to guide you through the lane of “how to iron a shirt” is accomplished.

Well, ironing a shirt involves wide-ranging techniques. Also, more professional ways are there to iron a dress. However, we want to make tasks comfortable for you. In addition, we always try hard to make our subtle guidelines on-point and easy-to-follow.

You are not going to make it on one try, though. Practicing systematically will gradually lead to perfection. And don’t forget to follow the steps aptly.

Your freshly ironed shirt will be ready for business in no time! Happy days, folks!

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