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How to Set up Google Home: Step by Step Guide

How to Set up Google Home: Step by Step Guide

Google Home is one of our most favorite smart indoor speakers. So, how to set up google home? If you are planning to get one, learning its usage is important. Thus, we are going to discuss the topic. Without a proper setup and usages, you are most likely to miss its best experience.

Google Home is an extremely good smart audio device. We often get frustrated by using low-grade speakers. A speaker’s adaptability and audio output are the major features of indoor decoration. In that case, google home is flexible, and you can easily control its actions.

So, it is essential to sync google home with the app. Device placement and output quality are the main things you need to manage. As it is a smart device, you also need to control the voice command and remote access. Let’s follow our review to learn the whole google home setup step by step.

What Can We Do with the Google Home App?

What is Google Home? The name says it all. Google home is a smart speaker perfect for an indoor audio system. You can connect google home with smart media devices like TV, streaming device, PC, console, music device, cloud server, and any similar platform. Through smart connections, you can enjoy the media remotely. It is really an amazing experience and satisfaction.

Moreover, you can easily control it through voice assistance. There will be no need for manual commanding. Even more, you can operate the device from a distance through the online app.

Surprisingly, it has a large number of variants. So, google home is actually referred to as a series of devices. Google home mini, google home max, nest mini, nest hub, and nest hub max are the devices of this series. Google home max and nest hub max have a screen as well. So, you can do more things with these two. Let’s talk about how to set up google home with a step-by-step progression.

How to Set up Google Home: 8 Step Guide

Setting up a google home device is much easier than you can hope for. Make sure to follow the guidance we are mentioning below.

Plug it in

First of all, you need to build a connection. So, plug the device into the wall. It will automatically be turned on while connected. You need to keep the device turned off while not using it.

How to Set up Google Home

Download the Google Home App

The next step is to download the google home app. You can get it from the google store. Make sure to use your home WiFI and accept their terms. It will track your information and pass it to your google home.

Sign in with Google Account and Sync Your Device

Next, you need to sign up using a Google account. Make sure to use your secured mail to sign in. Google accounts are email addresses ending with If you don’t have a Google account, then go to and create one.

You have to put in necessary information like first name, last name, account name, and so on. You also need to add recovery information like another email or phone number. It will let you verify the email and reset the password in the future.

Customize and Connect Your Accounts

After signing in with a Gmail account, you can do some customization. Customizations can be layout change, notification setting, verification process selection (2-way authentication), and similar things. You can change your password and other information as well.

Voice match is the first customization you can do. It will confirm your voice and recognize commands. Then, you can connect video streaming services. But, your google home device should have a screen to enjoy that. Google nest hub max, google home max, and similar devices have a screen. Connect any video streaming platform like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Youtube, and so on.

In addition, if your device has a display, then you can also connect your photo gallery with it. Google Duo is another service you may consider. It allows you to do voice and video calls. If your device has a display, then a video call is also possible. You can also add music streaming services like Spotify, Google Music, and Youtube. The process is similar to adding video streaming services. In addition, some people also connect to Android Auto.

Learn More: What Is Android Auto and It’s Benefits

Set up Your Preferences

You will get this section from the setting. It is just some additional information and service choices. You can check any option you want and leave the rest as it is. Language addition, news recommendations, and other settings are available here.

Change What Google Assistant Calls You.

With voice assistance, you have to operate the google home through voice command. It is similar to Alexa. So, you need to set up what it calls you. From the personal info section, you can change it. Give any name you like.

Start Talking to Google

If you are not familiar with Google Assistance, then start using it. Ask different questions and give commands. Watch how it works and become more familiar with it. It will help you to operate the devices more efficiently.

Add Compatible Smart Home Products

The best advantage of having smart devices is that you can connect them with other smart devices. Certainly, Google Home is compatible with more than 30k smart devices. You can connect and control them through the smart app. But, they all have to be under the same network (WiFi). To set up the devices, you can go to the device setting and select the preferred device type from the list.

Link Your Music Service

As we mentioned before, you can connect the account with music services. Google home supports music platforms like Spotify, Youtube, Google Play Music, Pandora, and more. You can add any of them. Make sure to have these service subscriptions. If you have a premium membership, then it will give you the best experience. You can learn more about them from our best music streaming review.

Don’t Allow Email Notifications

You should not allow email notifications from google or any other third party. In most cases, they will send a lot of promotional and other notifications. Most of them are pretty useless. So, don’t allow email notification and set it up from the preference setting.

Tips for Troubleshooting During Google Home Setup

If you face any crashes or issues during the setup, then troubleshooting is necessary. First, you can try to restart the device. Just unplug it and wait for 10-15 seconds before restarting it. Besides, you can also restart the app. Probably, this will solve the issues if they were just setup problems. Else, you may have to ask for a replacement if the warranty is valid.

Final Thought

Google Home is really amazing and a steal for the price. Not only the sound quality is amazing, but also the adaptability is quite remarkable. It also supports other smart devices without any problem. While buying, people often find it hard to manage a smart device. So, how to set up google home is one of the most asked questions from the users.

We mentioned how you start the setup by plugging the device and managing everything about it. There are a preference setting, audio, and video streaming platform addition, voice command set, and other options. Google Home is flexible, so you can easily set them up. Follow our review step by step to do each part without any error. You can also manage multiple smart devices and sync them through the app.

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