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How To Stream HBO GO Over Discord: Step By Step Guide

How To Stream HBO GO Over Discord: Step By Step Guide

HBO GO happens to be the best streaming service for HBO users who connects through a cable but will like to follow the live streams. The HBO go-lives on your TV set, enabling you to record shows and movies as they unfold. You will then be able to catch up on the shows that you will have likely missed.

Many users tend to confuse the practical function of HBO go because there is a close relationship with other services such as HBO max, android auto, and others. It is prudent to note that HBO MAX is different from other HBO streaming services. But you should be aware that such differences only come in from content selections and devices that support them.

HBO GO service is accessible through HBOGO.COM. It functions differently, and you should not confuse it with other service providers such as Android Auto that brings apps to the user’s phone screen to enhance focus when doing other things. Android Auto, for instance, brings the apps to the car display, and it will be easier to focus when you are driving, while HBO GO allows you to record and save the shows from your TV provider so that you can stream later.

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So Now, How Do You Stream HBO GO Over Discord?

You will encounter these questions because HBO GO was disabled on other devices, and it becomes necessary to learn how you can stream it over a Discord. Some will find it creepy to stream content from a service like HBO, then stream it again over another source.

Yes, it might be really weird, but what if you find yourself in situations that will make you want to do it? For instance, you may be in the midst of friends, and you will want to watch something while passing chatting in real life. You will need to stream a streaming service in such instances, and that is where HBO go comes in.

What Does Discord Do?

It is vital to realize that Discord lets you stream games and other things, but You need to know how to stream HBO GO over Discord. There is a widespread assumption that Discord can only stream games, not bothering to know that it can stream all sorts of content.

Discord will give the user quick screen share options after detecting games. It does not include browsers and other apps. You can easily add browsers and apps to your Discord.

When you are streaming using Discord, you will be happy with a 720p quality, but people with a nitro subscription get to enjoy a better service. 720p quality isn’t a problem when you are browsing using a mobile device. Users will also enjoy smooth viewing because it is not prone to lags.

You should turn off hardware acceleration when you want to stream HBO using the internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and one want to stream a black screen to your channel. Discord will stream a black screen to your channel if you don’t turn off hardware acceleration.

Turning Off Hardware Acceleration In Browsers

Now that you are set to stream HBO GO over Discord, it becomes prudent to turn off hardware accelerations. The article shall deliberate on how to turn off hardware acceleration in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

Turning Off Hardware Acceleration In Google Chrome

To turn off hardware acceleration in google chrome;

  • Open your chrome browser and open the settings tab
  • Move down the Menu to the advanced settings button
  • On the advanced settings menu, disable the “use hardware acceleration when available” button.

Turning Off Hardware Acceleration In Firefox

Follow the following simple steps if you are using Firefox browser;

  • Open Firefox and go to Options.
  • Explore the menu and disable the “use recommended performance” settings.
  • Disable the “use hardware acceleration when available.

Turning Off Hardware Acceleration In Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser is easy to use, and you only have a few steps to turn off hardware acceleration.

  • Open your Edge browser
  • Go to settings
  • Explore the settings to find the system
  • On the system Menu, toggle off the button on “use hardware acceleration when available.

Now that you have disabled the hardware acceleration when using your browser, it is time to stream HBO go over Discord. You will not experience a black screen when the hardware acceleration is disabled. You may also check other browsers on how you can turn off the hardware acceleration.

HBO max

How To Stream HBO GO Over Discord

So, the first step is to configure the Discord to work with other programs that are not necessarily games. The program you want to use should be running before getting started on the steps. Follow these steps to stream HBO GO on Discord;

  • The first step is to open Discord and sign in if you have an account. You will need to create an account if you don’t have one. When you are signed in, click the settings icon, which is at the right, close to your user name. It locates at the bottom of the screen.
  • Clicking to settings will take you to a new screen, and you will see a Game Activity at the bottom left-hand panel.
  • Click adds it in the new window. It gives you options to select your browser from the list. When you select the browser, you will stream HBO go over Discord using your channel of choice.

When you have all the things well set, you can now stream the HBO GO over Discord. Head to the stream Icon in Discord and choose your browser and start streaming!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, HBO GO is what you need to save that content so that you can stream it later with your friends. It also gives you a platform to chat and socialize while streaming a common video or movie.

HBO go might be slowly losing ground because of the latest inventions in HBO MAX, which appears to be winning big due to the innovations that put it in a better position than the rest. You can still enjoy live streaming with HBO GO using Discord when you properly adhere to the instructions.

Disable the hardware acceleration so that you don’t end up sharing a black screen, then follow the steps on using HBO go over Discord to enable you to stream using your browser choice. There is no time to lose your interesting shows! HBO GO is the way to go for utmost entertainment.

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