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How to Wear Enamel Pins: Best 4 Ways with Special Instructions

How to Wear Enamel Pins: Best 4 Ways with Special Instructions

Who says enamel pins are out of fashion? You just need to gather ideas on how to wear enamel pins. Thus, the diverse dimensions of these pins will open before you. And as styling is involved, this write-up features some fresh ideas that can excite you. Along with the wearing varieties, we have also discussed the appropriate fashion things behind enamel pins.

Moreover, a detailed discussion on the pin types is there too. Transforming your style was never so stress-free. Hence, embrace that enamel pin and get ready to add zing into your fashion choice. We can’t wait to see how it complements your unique inner vibe!

What are Enamel Pins?

Firstly, we must stay in the same boat about “what is an enamel pin?” Usually, people get a bit confused between the laminated badges and enamel pins. Enamel pins can be attached to your day-to-day accessories. For example, they can rule over your dresses, your bags, or hats. Also, enamel pins are metallic. Moreover, they are not confined to any specific shape or design.

How Enamel Pins Are Made

Let us briefly talk about this interesting part- the making of enamel pins.

  • Initially, the designer creates a design and works on it until it comes to perfection. Besides, the layout should match well as an enamel pin surface.
  • Afterward, the designs are sent off to the pin factory.
  • During the process, the manufacturers make a mold to stamp the pins within it. Here, the electroplating method makes the difference between hard and soft types.
  • The soft enamel pins get the electroplating first. And the enamel is placed afterward.
  • Alternatively, the hard enamel pins initially receive enamel. Then they go through the electroplating procedure.

Types of Enamel Pins

Well, figuring out the types of enamel pins is simple. Typically, it depends on the material. And the back-hook types vary also. Usually, enamel pins can be soft or metallic. However, beyond the manufacturing process, both types have some more variations. Take a glance at the below pointers-

Identifying Hard Enamel Pins

  • Hard enamel pins are long-lasting.
  • Mostly the hard ones are scratch-resistant.
  • Also, these pins have a polished look.
  • The enamel coating has an even surface.
  • Lastly, they have partial silver or gold-like metal finishing.

Identifying Soft Enamel Pins 

  • Soft enamel pins are comparatively thinner.
  • The manufacturing and buying costs are less.
  • The soft ones have slightly high metallic edgings
  • And the manufactures can add an epoxy layer to them. So, the pin texture can be smooth.


How to Wear Enamel Pins: Different Ways Explored

For the last couple of years, enamel pins are rocking the style towns. Their grand entry proves their massive appeal to date. They are a pleasure to your eyes. Moreover, their super-affordable trait makes the showing off trouble-free. What can you possibly portray while wearing enamel pins? Well, you can be the representative of your favorite music group.

Further, want something funny to go with your witty nature? our nearest fancy show-piece store or online pages are there for your rescue. But, then again, how to wear enamel pins properly is crucial to understand. Hence, let’s not delay further.

Wear Enamel Pins on Jackets

Jackets are one of the best buddies of enamel pins. But you surely want to spice things up sometimes. So then, take a bunch of pins and hook them up with the front side of the denim jacket. Also, you can add an extra shade of joy while putting some pins on the chest pockets. Thus, the detailed look will take care of the fashionable pattern. To finish, you can pin them as a group or like a scattered fancy set. Voila! Style is yours!

Put Enamel Pins on Hat

How to wear enamel pins on hats- you may ask. Your winter beanie, regular bucket hats, or even baseball caps can look exceptional with a touch of multicolored pins. However, adding many pins may lead to ruin the hat’s shape. Hence, it’s better if you place them in the center.

Attach Enamel Pins on Your Accessories

How to wear enamel pins on accessories? You do not have to contemplate much. We are going to talk about the varieties. Is Your grocery shopping purse looking a bit ‘meh’? Enamel pins are what you require to prettify it. Then again, why should we leave the college backpacks and regular totes from this adornment joy?

Enhance their look by clipping some pins onto the purse straps. Also, the front side of the backpack is an ideal place to show off the artistic enamel pins. However, make sure not to put them on the part which covers your shoulder.

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Lastly, Make a Pinboard with Them

At last, for those extra pins all across the dressing room, you can show your creative spark. We think, now, a pinboard will come in handy. Here, the store-bought pinboards can do the work smartly. Also, you can infuse the power of handcraft into a corkboard or a foam sheet. Maybe you will find some unused boards around the house. Cover the board with colorful wraps, or you can simply paint it. And, you are geared up to jump into pinning!

When Should You Wear Enamel Pins?

You have already gone through the section on how to wear enamel pins. Also, we hope you can now decide how to use enamel pins to the fullest. Well, now this question can arise. “When should I wear these pins?” Trendy fashion accessories are designed to match various functions. However, not all the accessories can go with every outfit. In that case, enamel pins stand out.

Undoubtedly, thousands of aesthetic pin models are there to make the task easy. So, your party, get-together, solo trip, college days, and even an official meeting all can embrace these ‘Versatile King’ enamel pins.

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Final Thoughts

The dilemma of whether to use enamel pins or not is real. Also, the tricky situation of how to wear enamel pins is not a joke either. However, enamel pins are pretty dynamic in their styles. These pins come with cute plus artistic patterns which can lift the entire fashion mood in a jiffy. So, using them with embellishment is the ultimate intention. We hope the above ideations can pretty much sum it up for you.

Therefore, by taking inspiration from this article, you can use your enamel pin collection best. Just grab a handful of pins, and you don’t even need to research on that. These funky styled pins make fashion fun for you. Hence, it’s time to bring your year-old enamel pin box in front of the crowd! Happy styling!

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