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Privacy Policy

Our website will be asking for your data occasionally when you visit our site. The privacy policy here gives you information on how our website will saving the data you will provide to our website.

Valley social Mag protects any data information from any individual that uses the site. Our site will be asking you for some personal information that may identify your location, your name, and even your gender. Our website protects all the information that you provide based on our privacy policy.

Valley social Mag upholds all the rights and can amend the issues in this privacy policy anytime that pleases. You have to regularly check the updated policy statement to confirm if there are changes and if the changes are following your privacy considerations. Here are policy regulations that you need to know as you use our website. The policies are solely under the control of the Valley social mag website.

Data that Our Website will Collect

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Preferences
  • Demographic Information
  • User Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Details/ Social Media Profile Links
  • Offers
  • Survey Responses

How We Use the Data

Every data information that Valley social mag takes has a specific purpose. Our website makes use of every data that they collect from the clients. Our website will use your data in the following ways;

  • The data is vital for the internal user database.
  • Our website uses the data from the clients to improve the existing services and develop new services basing on consumers’ interests.
  • When our website will have some offers, discounts, special offers, and any other service, the site will contact the clients through emails regarding the discount. It qualifies the need for contact information.
  • Valley social mag uses the data from clients to do market research through surveys. The data information will be effective in structuring companies’ efforts.
  • Our website will be using the information from the users utilizing surveys to customize the site experience in favor of users. The primary focus is to tailor their services to meet the customers’ demands.


Our website understands the importance of data security, and we protect our clients from any cyber crimes. We protect your data from any external or questionable access. In physical, digital, or operational procedures, the website prioritizes clients’ data security by ensuring no leakage.

How We Use Cookies

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are tiny text files that are available on every website. Our website will put the cookie files on your hard drive once you permit them. Cookies would exist in your hard drive if you did not grant express permission. The presence of cookies in your hard drive makes it possible for web applications to appear personally to you. You will get a notification whenever you enter another site. Generally, our cookies will help us to curate a smooth experience for our end users.

Our website uses cookies to analyze various pages that the clients visit. Cookies are like spies and will help a website customize its services based on the consumers’ interests. It is possible to better cater to each page adequately when there is information from the cookies. The site will remove cookies after analysis. Notably, the cookies will only give data that the website is interested in.

If you are not okay with cookies, you can always explore your browser settings and reject cookies. However, the website might not work in some cases when you reject cookies. Cookies improve the clients’ experience, and you will not like to miss this. If you intend to have better service, then you should not think of turning off cookies.

Users Under 18 Years

Underage users do not have permission to access the information of the site. All the regulations adhere to the child online privacy act of 1998(COPA). The user below 18 years does not have permission to access this site information. You should be aware of the prohibited activities when you are browsing the site.

Links to Other Sites

When browsing our website, you may find links that may lead you to another website. Our privacy policy clearly states that our site is not liable for any damages that you may incur in instances where you click such links. You cannot quote Valley social mag for the damages you incur because every site has policies. You will be liable to the policies of the website that the link will lead.

Personal Information of the User

Our website will not share Personal Information with third parties except instances of express orders from law enforcement agencies. Valley Social mag always protects the consumers, and clients’ personal data and will only be used when promoting products. It may also be helpful when surveying to improve the user experience.

Our website may provide you with a copy of your data according to the privacy act 1998. You will incur a small fee, and you can get that by contacting us from our contact center. You can also send a request for correction if you feel that your contact information has discrepancies.

Google Adsense cookies and Dart cookies

Google AdSense is a third-party network, and our website does not have any control over good Adsense policies. Google AdSense may enable cookies in the site to display ads basing on your browsing history. You may be wishing to turn the cookies on or off, and you can look up that from google’s privacy policy. Our website does not have any express control over the AdSense policies. The same rules will apply for other networks because you will need to be acquainted with the other ad networks basing on their respective privacy policies. Google AdSense has there own policies. They will be share relevant information with the consumers basing on their browsing history.

Valley Social Mag Query Page

Our website accepts all manner of queries from clients, interested parties, and customers. You can post your query through our website’s query page. Visit our website, and record your query. Our technical team will reach back to you at a convenient time.

Revision of the Policy and Changes

Every policy issues are under the absolute control of the website. The revision of the policy is subject to valley social mag, and we may not notify you whenever we make changes to our policies. Every change is dynamic and in real-time. Clients are advised to check for the updates from the website, and they should not wait for the email notification because our website will not do that. You can always check the policy of the website from time to time to get new updates.

Last Update

08 August 2021.

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