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The Epitome Guide of Summer Mens Style!

The Epitome Guide of Summer Mens Style!

Are you contemplating what to wear for summer mens style that will not make you conscious of your appearance? If yes, then here we will give you a grooming guideline about the summer clothing of men. So, we know that winter has gone, and now you have to peel away your layers of stylish clothing. Although, it doesn’t mean you can’t look trendy in the extreme heat of summer. It’s true that when it comes to summer, men don’t bother to prefer fashion over comfort. Furthermore, there is a possibility you might lose your shine and look dull because of dry and warm weather. However, we will introduce you to stylish and cool outfits with other men’s accessories. These essential accessories will enhance the charm of your personality. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into men’s summer style guide!

The Ultimate Summer Style Guide for Men

To maintain a gentleman’s image, it is essential to carefully pick your clothing items. However, you might not know what type of dressing you should prefer in summer. To give you a clear view of various options, we will break down six significant summer fashion categories. Each category will help you to stay impressive and stylish.

Summer Stylist Shirts for Men

If you are up for summer fashion, then it’s more appropriate to choose natural fibers instead of imitated ones. The synthetic fibers are opted to trap moisture that results in restriction of breathability. Moreover, there will be no sweat diffusion through this clothing.

So, why not try some loose and light fabric that makes you feel relaxed and fresh. Here, we will tell you about some trendy pieces of shirts that will give a boost to your summer wardrobe.

  • Chambray Shirt

Your summer shirt collection is not complete if you don’t have a piece of chambray garment in it. It’s lightweight and tabby weave fabric makes it an ideal choice for men. Apparently, it is the same as denim, but chambray shirts help regulate body heat due to their moisture-wicking property.

Furthermore, these shirts retain breathability, which makes them perfect for wearing in spring and summer. Chambray offers few colors that include white, light blue, and light red for summer mens style.

  • Linen Shirt

Linen shirts never cease to make you look stylish with their simplicity. You know its fabric comes from a flax plant that makes it absorbent and robust material. Even when you sweat, its quick-drying property helps you to remain classic.

Although linen fabric tends to shrink a shirt, you can already expect this from these casual shirts. Besides, its breathable property allows you to be comfortable in the long sleeve and short sleeves. These shirts come in olive, light blue, white, and off-white colors. [4]

  • Seersucker Shirt

We can’t deny how compatible the fabric of seersucker shirts is for summer. The cotton ripples shrink a shirt that kept your body calm. That’s why these shirts are worn by many men in humid weather. Furthermore, its different pattern styles attract the attention of many people.

Traditionally it comes with a delicate pattern of railway stripes, but now some fun and solid patterns are also displayed. You must know that seersucker shirts are perfect for the preppier side of summer men’s style.

  • Slim T-shirt

You will not ask anything else in your summer wardrobe if you have comfortable, light-weight, and well-fitting shirts. So, pick out these slim T-shirts that will provide you a firm but not too see-through material. Besides, its versatility in colors allows you to have a bright vibe around you.

These shirts come in fun pattern styles in which stripes are not too loud with colors of light green and bright orange. Moreover, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be filled with only designer shirts. These inexpensive tees will be an excellent addition for you.

  • Short-Sleeve Henley

The long sleeve Henley shirts are a complement essential for any winter outfit. However, when we talk about short sleeve Henley, then they sure are on a different level. It adds some spice to the typical variety of t-shirts. Their design is similar to classic t-shirts, but they add some more buttons for the character.

Summer Pants for Men

Looking for perfect summer pants for men? Well, then we will offer you the pants which provide you a fit and cool fabric. Summer men’s style recommends loose-fitting pants of cotton or linen. It will give you a break from tight and thick fabric pants. So, let’s check out some pairs of weather-friendly pants that must include in men’s wardrobe-essentials.

  • Chino Pants

Chino pants are a must for almost any kind of occasion. It can easily replace jeans as perfect go-to pants. It has a subtle pattern of diagonal lines that make it a more excellent alternative for a natural look. Besides, you should wear them in a loose style by cuffing the pants’ hem a few times.

That makes your appearance more elegant. Chino pants are available in khaki, off-white, and navy colors. So, why not try some expressive tone of chinos this summer. [1]

  • Linen Pants

When it comes to linen pants, then they have double versatility than linen shirts in terms of style. If you want a combination of comfort and classy style, then linen trousers are a game-changer. You know linen is wrinkle-prone, but you can get a pair blended with cotton to solve this problem. Many outlets offer even-spilled linen to cotton pants.

  • Light-Weight Jeans

Even though summer is here, some men still don’t want to hang up their Levi’s pair of pants. So, let’s try thinner denim jeans this time that allows you to stay cool without the sweat. These jeans have delicate composition and are lightweight.

With these classic summer men’s style colors, you can now save the dark indigo denim for winters. Moreover, you can pair these lightweight jeans with any white shoes or sneakers.


Summer Shorts for Men

Shorts can be a susceptible subject for men as they have a set mentality about their type of summer shorts. However, we aim at the middle-ground as the shorts will not be too short or too long. Besides, as a man, you always prefer shorts that end above the knee and form a well fit. So, let’s get to know different types of shorts for men’s wardrobe-essentials.

  • Cotton/Chino Shorts

When it comes to summer men’s style, then cotton shorts are irreplaceable essential in men’s outfits. Obviously, it keeps you cool and stylish at the same time. You know some brands call its cotton shorts chino shorts. There is no visible reason for that other than to have an efficient silhouette.

Furthermore, it comes in versatile colors like khaki, olive, gray, and navy. It allows you to get an open offer to pair it up with different shirts and shoes.

  • Jean Shorts

The presence of jean shorts has always been a must in men’s summer wardrobe. You can’t help but boast about its comfort without the cumbersome length. Moreover, it gives an edge to your look, that’s why it is preferred by most guys. You can also pair up your jean short with regular denim shirts.

  • Sweat Shorts

When you are struggling with summer’s burning heat, nothing can beat the comfortable sweat shorts. It appears by its name that sweat shorts could be a little brother of typical sweat pants. However, you can’t say that sweat shorts are not stylish. You can easily be comfortable in these lightweight shorts without sacrificing style. Even it won’t become a restriction while you are running or doing an errand.

  • Denim Shorts

If you must wear denim shorts, then it’s preferable to make a good fitting of cutoffs. Most importantly, select the one which doesn’t have an overboard length in any direction. These shorts can go well with a lovely white shirt. Whether you decide to go on a hike or picnic in summer, these shorts with sneakers will be a perfect match for you.

  • Athletic Shorts

For any casual situation, a pair of athletic shorts are perfect. It gives you an easy option to lift up the trend for summer men’s style. Besides, these shorts can be worn with another type of shirt than with just tees or tanks. [3]

So, branch out one of your choices and make it work in your social outfits. Make sure to avoid the ones that are too loose or long. That will make you look like a 70’s guy, and you absolutely don’t want that. Right?

The Shoes

You can keep your feet relax and cool with our picks of the best summer shoes. We offer you light and fresh colors that will make you look good due to its woven material. These fantastic shoes ensure that your feet remain dry and comfortable this summer.

  • Low-top White Sneakers

For a long time, these white sneakers don’t fail to give your personality a modest look. There is nothing that can replace these low-top white shoes. The material of these shoes is smooth leather so that you can have a comfortable walk.

Even you can make a stark contrast of these shoes with the bright color of summer shirts. Moreover, sneakers can be worn for a whole day as they are quite breathable.

  • Boat Shoes

You know boat shoes are one of the best summer shoes as they have acquired their name from their functionality. These shoes were specially designed to wear for sailing. Its sole has a wave-like pattern that prevents a person from slipping on the vessel’s polished deck.

However, now they have modified their styles and are preferred by many men. Most importantly, these shoes are a must in any American prep summer wardrobe. You can even wear them sockless, and they go best with chinos, shorts, or pants.

  • Sandals

Sandal helps you remain cool without losing any style. It allows you to exhibit a casual look that is far better than with a rubber flip flop. Moreover, you can choose a slider style of sandals for everyday wear. While the casual sandals look perfect when you go to the poolside or to walk on the shore. Even leather sandals are preferable for slingback.

  • Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are German essentials that provide your feet fantastic support and comfort with formal style. Do you know there was a time when they were considered as passe? However, with time these shoes have made a fantastic comeback recently. So, we recommend you buy Birkenstocks that have good quality leather. With high-quality leather, it will last longer and look classic.

Summer Stylist Jackets for Men

You might be thinking about who wears jackets when it’s summer. However, little rain can turn the summer nights a bit chilly. So, getting a jacket or an overshirt is not a bad option for summer men’s style. These are the perfect transitional garment for a midnight stroll, a bonfire, and sudden rain. Then here are the light-weight jackets you can wear in summer.

  • Overshirt

Overshirts are also called shirt jackets as they are a blended form of a typical button-down with a thick jacket. This type of composition makes it a tremendous lightweight outer layer for summer nights. Moreover, these shirts are made from a cotton weave that is considered better than a traditional button-down. Moreover, they also come in lightweight linen material.

  • Anorak

When you are confused about look or fashion, then anorak is the solution for you. It fulfills both requirements and gives your personality a pleasant look. It’s a pull-over rain jacket which is suitable for breezier or rainy summer days.

Primarily, it has a large chest pouch where you can store stuff like keys, phone, or your wallet. Anorak jackets are light-weight and easily packable even it shines in light rainfall.

  • Summer Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are lightweight and often used by sportsmen. Being a windbreaker enhances its functionality, and it mostly comes in polyester and nylon. Besides, you can wear them for a basketball game or for watching a movie in the theater.

These jackets give you a look casual mid-century look whenever you opt to go for outdoor activities. When it comes to its material, few bomber jackets are thick in aspect to light rain. Even some have no hood with them.

Others Essential Summer Stylist Accessories Men’s

In summer, men should wear accessories that give an exquisite touch to their appearance. So, keep something on hand when the sun goes down as you don’t wear accessories all day. If it’s a hat or belt, then you can choose the one that goes with most outfits. Moreover, these men’s wardrobe essentials are as crucial as any shirt or pants. [2]

  • 5-Panel Hat

Besides stylish dressing, a simple hat can be a perfect choice against summer heat. This 5-panel Hat doesn’t give you a dad look; instead, it maintains your style and provides excellent functionality. Furthermore, it appears like a traditional baseball hat. So, you can keep a headwear that can be a good contrast with your outfit. You can choose a cap of tan, navy, or any neutral colors.

  • Woven Belt

Woven belts are lighter than any solid leather belt. Its versatility of colors and up-level designs make it different from the rest. These belts give the right amount of touch that your personality needs. Besides, traditional preppy styles are made in cotton fabric with leather blending.

  • Simple Watch

You know that a watch is a basic necessity for everyone. Even for any occasion, men should wear a watch that enhances their striking personality. For a fantastic look in summer, your watch doesn’t have to be of expensive brands.

A simple watch can do the job well. You can pick a watch with nylon straps if you think leather straps are out of fashion. Nylon watches are simple, waterproof, and inexpensive but still look like stylish timepieces. [4]

  • Solid Cologne

No matter how much you dress up nicely, a solid cologne is a must in men’s accessories. You know solid colognes are a better replacement for liquid fragrances. You are indeed used to wearing these fragrances all day long, but this cologne is much easier to use. Moreover, you can just layer it on the skin in the right amount but avoid excessive use.

  • No-Show Socks

Men usually make the mistake of muffling their socks completely in shoes. Then they can prefer to remain sockless, but many people have the problem of sweaty feet. So, to solve this issue, you can simply use a no-show sock. These socks ensure to cover from the base of feet to your ankle, and it doesn’t show any fabric above the shoe collar. You can choose light gray or nude colors that will match your skin tone perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, when it comes to summer men’s style, don’t sweat it as you are now blessed with multiple options. You just have to select the functional, lightweight, breathable, and accessory that will make you look good. [3] With a stylish chino shirt, why not try the denim pants that make you elegant yet modern. Now is the perfect time to experiment and try out different styles that will groom your personality. Many of your peers might not try to change this summer, but maybe it’s time for you to combat this summer with elegance! So, get up and check out these best styling options for men’s summer fashion.



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