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A Brief Guide to the Top Movies Releases in This Month

A Brief Guide to the Top Movies Releases in This Month

Reports say that cinemas are set to be closed till May in England and other parts of the UK. The good news is that not just cinemas where we get new movie releases. Even though you might have more free time than before, you will want a movie to enjoy during such a time. Which is the best release to watch, given that there are so many releases? Well, below here is our review of the Top Movies Releases in This Month. Have a look.

Top Movies Releases and Reviewed in This Month

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Out Now on Sky Cinema)Zack-Snyder’s-Justice-League

When looking for Top Movies Releases in This Month, you should never exempt this one. This movie is one that people never thought of seeing. Despite massive campaigns by fans who waited to see Zack Snyder’s original vision of the movie. Worlds of DC have turned a different place in this movie since it failed in 2017. You will learn that characters have proceeded independently, and it seems that there will be no place for the movie to exist. This was not until HBO Max came in. back in May 2020, before launching the new streaming service, Snyder assured that his Justice League movie will be available on HBO Max. What followed are months of increased campaigns from fans of Snyder Cut.

Slaxx (Out Now on Shudder)Slaxx

Slax answers your question as to how a jeans pair can lead to so much carnage. The pair of jeans will squeeze the life out of people and kill in different ways. This is per the explanation by Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. The effects in this movie work towards bringing the pair of jeans to life which sounds very impressive. You will be surprised to learn that there is room for Bollywood dance numbers. The end credits show the methods used in creating the killer jeans as well as the blood-soaked effects.

Yes Day (Out Now on Netflix)Yes-Day

This is a new family comedy based on the kid’s book of the same name written by Amy Rosenthal in conjunction with Tom Lichtenheld. Sourcing inspiration from the book, Jennifer Garner plans for a yearly ‘Yes Day’ together with her kids. In the Netflix movie, she assumes the role of Allison. It is here where Allison said yes to just anything. She met her ideal match after meeting Carlos, who similarly said yes to each opportunity.

All the same, when this couple had kids of their own, Allison changed and said no at all times. When Carlos was assuming the ‘cool dad’ role, their kids start resenting Allison and all the rules. Surprisingly, Mr. Deacon brings the ‘Yes Day’ concept where they leave kids to decide all things for 24 hours.

Cherry (Out Now on Apple TV+)Cherry

Even as good as Holland is as a spider-man, he shows that he can do pretty much more on Cherry. He actually pushes himself in a committed performance by holding together a narratively muddled movie. If he had not managed to be a big star, this one would be referred to as a breakout role. Based on Nico Walker’s semi-autobiographical book, Cherry begins where many young-love stories end. The character seems to have everything under control. He also starts up a relationship with Ciara Bravo, who appears like his true love.

Coming 2 America (Out Now on Amazon Prime Video)Coming-2-America

Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy reprise their roles after almost 33 years when the original version of coming to America was released. These two characters play the roles of Prince Akeem and the loyal servant. After its release delay and an exclusive deal, this movie is finally available on Amazon Prime Video. It is set after the events that happened in New York. King Akeem takes a journey to the land of the free. This is on the search for a previously unknown son and the heir to the throne known as Lavelle Junson. Coming 2 America does not capture the predecessor’s magic as a whole. All the same, fans of the previous version will enjoy its modern twist and callbacks of the first movie.

Sentinelle (Out Now on Netflix)Sentinelle

On paper, Sentinelle has all the ingredients to become a very strong outing in this revenge-thriller game. It has a solid and high concept where the lead star begins off with some good action chops. The execution does not even come anywhere close to basically living up the promise. This leads to an uninspired and dull thriller making 80 minutes feel just as long as Zack Snyder’s film. If you are the kind of person looking for some high-octane action weekend, you would instead look for outside the wire or Red Dot on Netflix. You should note that events in Sentinelle are fictional with no basis in real life.

Moxie (Out Now on Netflix)Moxie

This movie, available on Netflix, has been touted as Gen Z’s answer to the movie known as Mean Girls. It has basically set out to correct one movie’s wrongs that had so many issues and fell into so many stereotypes. Moxie is underpinned by the already present pithiness synopsis in the synopsis. Most of its dialogue has been informed by the neediness to be well-balanced from the naïve and introverted earnestness. What this movie does is refusing to peddle in the race-based competition between Vivian and Lucy, where these two complement one another.

Already Released Those Movies in Online

Wrong Turn (Available to Buy on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and more)

This movie marks the 7th installment for the horror franchise that began back in the year 2003. The good thing is that you do not need to have watched previous movies in that series. This new movie basically serves as a reboot and a promised new start in the gory series. That one focused on the deformed cannibals chopping their way into the unfortunate victims that came across.

The Owners (Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and more)

This also adds to the list of Top Movies Releases in This Month. It is out for purchase on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video as well as other digital platforms. This movie starts outside some isolated house that later becomes this movie’s primary setting. Nathan, Gaz, and Terry wait for the house owners to leave to access their safe. This safe is believed to contain vast amounts of money. All the same, Nathan’s Girlfriend makes the issue harder by arriving. She, however, reluctantly agrees to follow their plan. Upon getting in, the safe becomes very hard to break into, and Gaz gets an idea. They wait for the owners to get back and punish them.

I Care a Lot (Amazon Prime Video)

I directed and written this dark comedy thriller and written by J Blakeson and is available to watch in the UK on Amazon Prime Video. In the US, you will access it on Netflix. It introduces Marla, who is at the top of the game which has built a small empire. This character is convincing the state on how to make her the legal guardian for those individuals who can’t look for themselves anymore. She ships them to a nursing home later. She ends up flogging their individual belongings as well as pocketing their proceeds.A Brief Guide to the Top Movies Releases in This Month

Flora & Ulysses (Out Now on Disney+)

This film is based on a children’s book by Kate DiCamillo where it centers on Flora. It is Flora who adopts a squirrel. Later, it is discovered that it develops some superpowers. They are actually not aware that Ulysses might be what Matilda’s parents need to reconcile back together. This movie has been loaded with book references as well as excellent squirrel antics. It, therefore, becomes fun as well as engaging family watch.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and more)

This is another movie that you will want to watch this month. The stars are Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. These are lifelong friends who are embarking on a lifetime adventure. They make up minds to leave their small town in Midwestern for the first time. This comedy is not for the faint-hearted, even though it is a hilarious, surreal twist.

Willy’s Wonderland (Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and more)

Cage acts as a janitor who is essentially stranded in some remote town in a whole wordless performance. At this location, he lacks the means to pay for the car repairs he needs. He is luckily offered a chance to spend one night at the titular amusement park. This will get his repairs cleared off, provided that he cleans up the place before reopening time. Unfortunately, violent mascots resurrect and interrupt the cleaning duties of the Janitor. He is left battling for survival.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever (Netflix)

This movie has finally come out on Netflix, which marks the end of an era. The movie ushered in respect to the teenage rom-com. This movie is based on one of the best-selling novels by Jenny Han. With its Netflix’s production quality, Lara Jean’s story exploded in the hearts of so many viewers across the continent. This movie sees Jean preparing for the end of high school life and the beginning of adulthood. She awaits the acceptance letter from the dream college, which is the famous Stanford. Unfortunately, she gets a rejection from Stanford, where the boyfriend is set to attend. There is, however, a life-changing trip to New York that makes her reimagine life with the family and friends and the way it would look like.

News of the World (Netflix)

This Netflix movie was directed by Paul Greengrass, who is a brilliant director. You might be forced to think that this is a general real-life thriller based on the phone-hacking scandals. As opposed to that, this is a TV drama that comes about that though from a different writer. Having been set 5 years after the American Civil war ended, it stars Hanks, who is the veteran captain traveling from one town to the other.

Malcolm & Marie (Netflix)

This is another Netflix movie that joins the list of Top Movies Releases in This Month. Even though it has been filmed during the pandemic, it has nothing to do with the pandemic. Instead, once the production for Euphoria season 2 was essentially shut down, Zendaya requested the show’s creators to make a movie that would be filmed before she embarked on spider-man 3. Levinson pitched ideas like the KC Undercover horror movie. Before he got this idea for the relationship drama, which was based on his own experiences.

Assassins (available to buy from Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and more)

Over the recent years, Netflix might have managed to corner the market in true-life documentaries. Assassins, which are now available on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and others, are here. It proves that there are real-life stories that are yet to be covered by this giant streaming service. Ryan White directed it where it was based on some GQ article. This movie examines remarkable events that surrounded King Jong-Nam’s murder in February 2017.

The Dig (Netflix)

When looking for Top Movies Releases in This Month, you will have to think about The Dig, which is available on Netflix. You might be left wishing that the movie had uncovered more. All the same, this is a well-performed movie and a beautifully shot drama that will be good for the weekends. It certainly has more similarities to Netflix’s Oscar hopefuls. Due to the UK connection of its story, it might not be an award botherer. This does not, however, make it a bad movie since it has fantastic performances.

Penguin Bloom (Netflix)

This Netflix movie tells a real story of Naomi Watts called Sam Bloom. This is a young mother whose world has turned upside down after a nearly fatal accident that left her paralyzed. Her husband and the three young boys try adjusting to the new situation. This is when an unlikely ally comes into their world like an injured baby that they name Penguin. Even though the leading role is played by a disabled actor, the movie would still have suffered skeeviness feeling. This is simply because of the way this story was framed and told. It, however, one of the Top Movies Releases in This Month that you will want to watch.

Wonder Woman 1984 (Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and more)

Saying that Wonder Woman 1984 was among the most-anticipated movies in 2020 is not an overstatement. After long delays, the starring in Gal Gadot seems to have settled on some firm release. There is the common trumpeting of evil vs. good as well as so many choreographed stunts. For this reason, Wonder Woman 1984 has become an excellent DC adaptation. All the same, past the standard, Wonder Woman 184 leaves lots more to be desired.

Blithe Spirit (Sky Cinema and NOW TV)

Even though this movie was delayed from last year, its release has proven that the wait was worth it. There is so much comic promise in that cast and a concept of one man who brings back the ghost of his dead wife. Despite the cast’s efforts, they cannot do much with the script that forgets about jokes.

Outside the Wire (Netflix)

This movie happens in 2036 when there is a civil war in Eastern Europe between Ukraine and Russia. The US is deployed as peacekeepers even though their army evolved in fifteen years to feature some robot soldiers known as Gumps. When territories fall to terrorist Victor Koval, a drone pilot known as Thomas Harp is sent to the dead militarized zone. It must work with Mackie (Captain Leo) in locating the doomsday device. The twist here is that Leo is just a robot.

One Night in Miami (Amazon Prime Video)

Even though this movie might have a sluggish start, it will never disappoint from its first gut punch. It is, therefore, a must-watch for several reasons. The movie is well-acted as well as beautifully written. It is a story that has a complete emotional resonance that will settle in and remain long after credit rolls.

Pieces of a Woman (Netflix)

Finally, Pieces of a Woman is available on Netflix. It proves to be a draw among fans of The Crown by Vanessa Kirby. This movie seems to begin innocently as Martha and Sean get themselves ready for their firstborn’s birth. He urges the workmates to get a complete bridge to drive his daughter over that bridge. Later that evening, Martha gets contractions, and the movie now starts. We experience each aspect of Martha’s home birth.

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Final Thought

There you go! Even with cinemas being closed, you will still have the chance to watch the Top Movies Releases in This Month. The movies we have reviewed above are some of the best. They are available on the giant streaming service (Netflix) and other platforms like iTunes and Amazon Prime Video. We have just highlighted what each movie entails. Read through the review to see what movie proves to be good for you.

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