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What to Wear with Mom Jeans? Here are Different Ways to Style

What to Wear with Mom Jeans? Here are Different Ways to Style

Move away millennials with sweatpants, skirts, and skinny jeans. Centennial women are taking over, and mom jeans are finally making their big comeback. Coming right from the ’80s and 90’s to show us they should’ve never disappeared! There’s little doubt as regards why youngsters are captivated by their fashion.

Whether you’re heading to the office, college, or need to pick up kids from school, mom jeans will deliver. They provide style and comfort like no piece of cloth in your wardrobe. Whether you want to show off those expensive high heels and that bodysuit or unwind with a stroll down the beach with flip flops, mom jeans will do the trick.

However, as versatile as mom jeans are, you might be wondering, how do I use them? Or, even more, what do I wear them with? So, today we bring you our fashion guide with everything you need to know about what to wear with mom jeans. We’ll go over the best mom jeans outfits for every occasion so you can look like a diva. So, keep reading to learn more!

What Are Mom Jeans?

Before we dive into the different complement’s mom jeans, have, we should first focus on what they are. These jeans have a high waist, are equipped with a zipper to tighten them, are long, have big pockets, are perfect for keeping some valuables, and often are ankle length.

The high waist of these jeans makes the user look taller, even for the shortest women. In contrast with skinny jeans, they are very comfortable and don’t cripple your legs or hinder movement. The most popular among mom jeans are the classical blue jeans. However, now there are different variations and colors. Among them, we find ripped jeans and acid-washed jeans.

What to Wear with Mom Jeans?

No matter the occasion, mom jeans will surely suit it. However, to dress with both comfort and style requires some attention. Even though mom jeans are great for most contexts, this principle doesn’t apply to accessories and other pieces of cloth. So, let’s do a quick review to see what you should combine your mom jeans with on each occasion. Here’s a list with possible complements:

With Shirts

With Shirts

If there’s something any woman undoubtedly has in her closet, it’s a shirt. So, what better way to start our guide with the essential item. Not only do we all have a tee at home, but we all use them daily. Moreover, in Western culture, t-shirts have come to be widely accepted in every social environment. You can use them in college, work, and buy at the grocery store to meet our friend in a fancy café.

In general, we can separate t-shirts into two groups. They can either be plain color or have a complex stamp or message. Which type of shirt to wear will significantly depend on the context. Although we can wear t-shirts almost everywhere, going on a date isn’t the same as driving around running some errands.

Plain t-shirts tend to look simpler but cleaner too. You have a wide array of colors that’ll combine perfectly for each situation. Pick bright colors such as orange, light blue, or red for an informal outing with your friends. This outfit works best on lovely Spring days and will give you a fresh look. If you want to have a more orderly look, choose a white or black fitted t-shirt. These are perfect for fancy restaurants, offices, and PSA meetings and ceremonies.

In contrast with plain tees, shirts with graphics or printed messages will catch people’s attention. You can say a lot with what you wear. Then, why not show your artistic or political side off? Your mom jeans combined with a graphic t-shirt will look both casual and cool. They are great for expressing yourself and present yourself as a free bird who breaks the status quo.

With Shoes


Mom jeans go well with any shoes you like. You can combine the jeans with a pair of flip-flops to spend the day on the beach with your family. Moreover, some boots will give you that edgy look that any outspoken woman wants. Lastly, you should wear a pair of sneakers with your pants to show how easygoing and casual you are.

With Belts


For as simple as belts are, they too can take all the gazes. The most significant use is for contrasting and balancing your look. For instance, you can wear a pastel-colored belt to equilibrate and give some air to a dark outfit. The same happens the other way around. Moreover, belts can highlight your figure as they cinch to your waist. For more contrast with the rest of the outfit, you should pick a belt with a shiny metal piece in it.

With Jewelry


As we’ve discussed, women can use mom jeans almost everywhere. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to complement them properly. Picking the right jewelry pieces can be troublesome. You can go for chunky necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings to achieve a vintage look. In contrast, if you’re looking for something more subtle, pick metallic ornaments in silver, gold, or pink gold.

With Knits


It’s important to feel both comfortable and fashionable with what you wear. Knits are some of the favorite pieces of cloth for people living in regions with cooler climates. You can choose light knits for the somewhat warmer Spring days or thick ones for Winter days. When using them with mom jeans, remember to choose short pairs. By doing so, you’ll be able to tuck them into your jeans easily. Not only do they look great, but they’ll also protect you from chilling wind blows.

With Leather Jackets


Boys will be boys, and leather jackets will always be trendy. If you have any doubt, watch any movie from the last five decades and there you’ll see it looking as stylish as ever. That’s why having a black leather jacket in your wardrobe is necessary. This elementary coat goes smoothly for every casual outing. What’s more, the fashion industry now offers a wide array of colors and even cruelty-free leather jackets.

With Blazers


We know not everyone likes wearing blazers. However, if you have the guts for it, let us congratulate you because you go, girl! Blazers provide a hint of sophistication to your look and tell others you value yourself. They also combine perfectly with a large necklace and a hat. Use them with boots for brunch with the girls or sneakers for a sportier look.

With Dusters


Many avoid dusters fearing they could end up looking like a Matrix character. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Dusters are a great complement to your outfit and work well in both cold and template weather. Moreover, they let you hide your underneath clothes in the street while allowing you to reveal them in interiors. This is especially useful if you’re wearing a small and tight tank top and don’t want to be harassed by strangers.

With Capes


When Winter comes, so do capes! It isn’t easy to top off the style of this practical yet cosmopolitan garment. They are great at keeping your torso warm while giving you a stylish look for most situations you could think of. As you probably know already, there are thousands of options online. You’ll find everything from capes made by indigenous communities and fancy ones made by Gucci on the internet. The sky’s the limit!

With Bodysuits


Bodysuits were all the rage for teens a few years ago. Those girls have grown and are ready to break the mold and redefine what a mother should look like. Tucking a tank top inside your jeans will make your waist look smaller and highlight your figure. This look is both simple and stylish at the same time.

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Final Thoughts

Mom’s jeans might have finally arrived to stay. Centennials show us the way and focus on the fashion where it should have always been: comfort. However, as pleasing it is to wear mom jeans (especially in comparison with those tight skinny jeans), this is in no way a detriment to style.

It’ll probably be some time before another garment occupies mom jeans’ place. Their versatility makes them an essential item in your wardrobe. Using the correct complements, you can create amazing outfits for every social situation you can be in. So, go on and start making your customized outfit that shows who you are.

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